ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY entertaining | February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

love kids artwork

Valentine’s Day has a special twist this year in my home. It is the first time that we made valentines for my son’s daycare classroom.

Since Zack doesn’t enjoy yet mass producing cards, we ordered classroom Valentine’s cards last month from Tiny Prints. We selected the Truckloads of Fun because Zack is really into transportation vehicles these days. We used his official daycare picture, in his uniform, for the photo. The picture was taken last October. When I look at him now, I can’t believe how much he transformed from a baby face to a little boy face.

classroom valentines in the making

Each classmate receives  stickers and chocolate with the card. My husband and I had fun assembling the gift bags last night.

Valentine Day usually marks the first day of the year where tulips are in my home. And this year is not different, thanks to my wonderful husband.

valentine's day flowers

I’m taking this opportunity to say publicly how much I love him. He is fantastic! Jérôme is a talented man, he makes me laugh. He is not only the best husband but also a fun, caring father. He does a lot for our family. I am truly blessed that he loves me so much.

To all of you, I wish that you have someone special in your life, or that you will find that special someone one day. Whatever is your situation, happiness starts within you. Happy Valentine Day!


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  1. That is such a sweet post! You are a lucky girl :-)
    Happy Valentine’s day my friend,
    Fiona xoxox