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Gadgets that Work: EyeBods Eyeglass Holder

EyeBods eyeglass stand

I like to say that I lost my sight giving birth. The day after his birth, my arms became too short to see clearly what was on the screen. The previous day, I was able to type holding my iPhone 8 inches from my eyes — I had pictures to prove it!. Frankly, I can’t really complaint since my presbyopia occurred at 47 years old. Before that, I only had difficulties reading fine prints written with low contrast font.

Almost two years later, I now accept my presbyopia. It was a big deal for me since the fact that I didn’t need glasses made me proud. Because I was tired to have forgotten my glasses when I go out, I bought my second pair of reading glasses. I still buy the cheap kind since I can’t justify the cost of custom made glasses.

This is when I spotted EyeBods, the cutest eyeglass holder. I had to have it! At $11.50, EyeBods was a small indulgence that turned out to be very practical. Now, I don’t  search where I put my reading glasses; they rest next to my computer. EyeBods also comes in blue and green but I opted for the plain translucide white holder. I bought my EyeBods at Zone in Montreal. You can also buy your EyeBods at Amazon for $8.99.

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  1. Vous pourrez trouver également le petit bonhomme pour vos lunettes 9,95$ et les lunettes 14,95$ chez Kokoon! Ce sont 2 items vedettes!!!!

  2. Lucie: Je suis due pour une visite.