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USA Bookshelf by Andrei Saltykov

america bookshelf by andrei saltykov
photo credits: Will Pryce for Grand Designs magazine, January 2013

The bookshelf in the shape of America that Russian-born architect Andrei Saltykov designed for his home in south London, UK, certainly qualifies as conversation piece. There is nothing tacky about this design. Because of the many states, his USA bookshelf is both beautiful and practical to store lots of books.

His American bookshelf makes an impression high on a wall of his open dining/living room. As a bonus, you could hold geography trivia game starting with the 600 tiny Christmas tree lights that represent the nation’s major cities. I love it!

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One Response to “USA Bookshelf by Andrei Saltykov”

  1. I don’t think I would buy a bookshelf like this one but it’s a unique design.