ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | October 11, 2011

Sleeping Under The Tent Vignette

Oh To Dream Bedding

I am not into quilt bedding. I am aware that quilts are experiencing a revival thanks to more modern designs, but quilt bedding is not me. Having said that, I was seduced by the charms of this styled picture for the Anthropologie catalogue. It must be the nostalgia of seeing the last warm days summer; we just had Indian summer in Montreal.

Oh To Dream quilt Bedding

Rebecca Rebouche, a native Louisianan working in New Orleans, designed the “Oh To Dream” line of hand-quilted voile and poplin bedding. You could reproduce her “sleep under the tent” vignette for an indoor camping pajama party. I am sure that the kids would love that idea.

Oh To Dream Quilt Bedding $118.00–$448.00 USD at Anthropologie


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2 Responses to “Sleeping Under The Tent Vignette”

  1. Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! I am sooo excited!

  2. I’m not a quilt person either, but these are cute.