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Architect Lamps and Stools in Bold Colors

architect lamps

Here are two items that are sure to cheer up your work/study desk area or a craft room. First, the classic architect lamp gets a boost of colors. Then, you can use the flamingo stool as a guest sit or as a coffee table next to your reading chair.

flamingo berry stool

Each one is available in 6 bright colors. The big question for me would be to decide which color to take between orange, aqua, green or berry. Notice that the Flamingo stools are only sold online.

+ Architect Berry Lamp $32.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Flamingo Berry Stool $16.95 USD

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2 Responses to “Architect Lamps and Stools in Bold Colors”

  1. I love the interchangeability of these stools!
    Great colors!

  2. 2 Gracie Inman said:

    These Flamingo Stools (which I love also!) are no longer available through Crate & Barrel – can you find out another supplier, as I haven’t been able to locate anyone else. Thanks! Gracie Inman