New Uses for Old Things: Baking Sheet Magnet Board

Baking Sheet Magnet Board

Yesterday’s easy end-of-the-year teacher gift project got me thinking about everything else that comes with the end of the school year: piles of projects, artwork and report cards making their way from the classroom to every room in the house.

A little spray paint gives everyday kitchen baking sheets a new life as wranglers of colourful artwork and rainy day creative projects. Photos and display-worthy drawings are held to the baking sheet with magnets glued to the bottom of fluted metal tart cups, which are filled to the brim with pretty, stacked sewing notions.

This idea would look at home on the wall of a kitschy kitchen, in a kid’s bedroom or a craft room – whether you choose a colour that adds punch, or leave the sheets unpainted for a more modern look.

For full project instructions, check out the Crave Paper Blog.

+ DIY Baking Sheet Magnet Board from Crave Paper Blog

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4 Responses to “New Uses for Old Things: Baking Sheet Magnet Board”

  1. Kim! I love this idea! I’ve been looking for fun notice board ideas in our kitchen. Feel a weekend project coming on. Yeees! thanks xx

  2. 2 Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said:

    This is the cutest project! what a great idea!

  3. Such a cute idea ~ happy Friday Kim!!

  4. 4 shannie said:

    After i saw your blog i did it with a pizza baking sheet so you couldn’t tell what it was, it just looked like a round magnet board. I looovvveeee It!