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Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor

Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor

As much as I wish I could build a raised vegetable garden, apartment living means I’m limited to a windowsill herb garden this summer.

If, like me, your plot is limited to a balcony box, there’s no reason you can’t have colourful gardening tools to tend to your harvest.

With just a few twists, this refreshingly versatile attachment turns any glass or plastic bottle into a cool, colourful watering can. It’s also easy to imagine atop beverage bottles at a backyard barbeque. Your gardening friends will go green with envy for the ergonomic handle and perfect pouring spout. After all, who wants to lug around a hose?

+ Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor from The Balcony Gardener, £13.50

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