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Angry Birds Cupcakes and Robot Cakepops

angry birds cupcakes

Game themed parties are fun for kids and adults. One game that is all the rage is Angry Birds. A geek friend gave our son a red bird plush toy. It is not surprising that Julie of Blue Cupcake received an order for an Angry Birds party. She made a small cake and many cupcakes. Julie relied on tips from her 6-years old son in order for her cake creations to be true to the game. As a player, I can tell you that she succeeded.

angry birds dessert table

The Angry Birds dessert table was awesome. The use of small wood stools reinforce the theme. I know that this sight would thrill my husband and our friends.

Robot Cake and Cakepops

robot cake and cupcakes

Another kids party theme that I enjoy is robots. I take notes because I plan to do it one year for my son. Blue Cupcake also baked and decorated these cute Robot cakepops. The more I dig and the more I see boys birthdays that are as detailed as girls themes. One blog and Etsy store that specializes in party themes for little boys is Spaceships and Laser Beams.

+ Angry Birds Party by Blue Cupcake
+ Robot Party Sweets via Spaceships and Laser Beams’ blog.

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