How to Store Sheet Sets

linen closet folding sheets martha stewart

Does your linen closet betray your otherwise neat-and-tidy home? It can be a challenge to keep sheet sets organized amongst duvets, towels and blankets, but leave it to Martha (who else?) to find the smartest, simplest solution.

Just place your folded sheet sets inside one of its pillowcases and stack. Voilà! A perfectly presentable linen closet you won’t mind showing off to guests. Now, how do you fold a fitted sheet again?

+ Photo: MarthaStewart.com

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13 Responses to “How to Store Sheet Sets”

  1. So those are sheets inside the pillowcases! That explains it. I thought those were pillows. I got curious when I saw the picture and I was wondering why you wrote “storing sheet” and put a picture of pillows.lol

  2. What a fantastic idea! I’m going to organize my closet with this tip immediately.

  3. This is brilliant! I hate having a messy linen closet and not knowing which sheets fit which mattress until it’s been unfolded. Thanks for sharing! – Ali

  4. 4 Natalia said:

    OMG this has changed my life!! hahahahah

  5. 5 esther said:

    I’m surprised that I hadn’t thought of this simple solution. Thank you.

  6. 6 Vinati said:

    How can it be so easy and still not hit my head…! Thanks so much for my neatened closet.

  7. …I saw a pic of this today on Pinterest…..clicked on your site…and the rest is history….I’m amazed at how GENIUS of an idea this is! needless to say…I’m going home and revamping my linen closet! The boyfirend is gonna think I’m
    C-R-A-Z-Y!! lol!

  8. Why I did not think of that?? :)

  9. 9 Erika Powell said:

    I love love love this idea!! I was trying it but I didn’t get mine to look as good inside the pillow cases… Did you fold part of the pillow case. I feel like I’m missing something. Please advise.

  10. Erika: I would say that it depends on the size of your linen closet. If you tuck the pillow case ends in, it would hold the sheets tidier.

  11. 11 Erika Powell said:

    Thank you so much! That’s kind of what I thought but I wanted to hear from the expert! :)

  12. You call always contact, Martha, to ask her. :-) If you do, share with me what she told you

  13. I’ve done this for years. One more suggestion: I fold the ends of my pillow case under for a neater look or if you don’t have enough of the pillow case to turn under put the opening to the back of the cabinet to have a better look.