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mamaRoo Giveaway and Why I Love our mamaRoo!

When I was pregnant, my friends told me that to be able to do the household chores and to enjoy some relaxing time I need a good baby bouncer. With this information, I started my search for the perfect baby bouncer for a design-savvy mom. There are a few baby products that will always be at sight in your home. A baby bouncer is one of those. For that reason, I was on a mission to find a great looking baby bouncer that my baby would enjoy.

I created a short list of baby bouncers and loungers. The contenders were: the mamaRoo by 4moms, the BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance, and the Coco Bloom. I did not really care for the look of the BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance. The Coco Bloom was too heavy. The decisive factor was that I felt that a motion-assisted bouncer would work better with a baby. After further analysis, I found that the mamaRoo delivers the features I was looking for: 5 motions, variable speeds, the ability to play nature sounds or music from my iPod/iPhone (I did not wish to get tired of hearing the same songs over and over) and a small mobile to further entertain my baby.

But the real test is how does my baby feel about it. In 3 words: he loves it! My husband and I often raved about it. For one thing, having the mamaRoo enables us to take a good dinner every night since we have our son. This is a huge plus since dinners are our only decent and relaxing meals these days.

my son in a mamaroo

I wish to point out that I received my mamaRoo for FREE from 4moms. If we are friend on Facebook, you might have noticed a couple pictures of my son sitting in the mamaRoo.

Giveaway Rules and How to Participate

Prize: One (1) mamaRoo (MSRP: $199.99) by 4moms.

Deadline: It begins now. We will accept entries through April 20th, 2011 11:59 PM EST.

Who can Participate: Readers of At Home with Kim Vallee who live in Canada (except Quebec) or in the continental United States and are 18 years or older.

Randow draw: One (1) winner will be selected randomly among the pool of eligible entries received before the participation deadline. The winner will be announced on this site. The winner will be notified by email (using the email he/she supplied on the entry form) and must respond within 7 days to claim the prize.

How to Enter – Fill out all the fields of the form below. The name of the contestants with their answer will be automatically posted at the end of this post. Only one entry per person is allowed per giveaway period. Contestants who enter more than once will be disqualified.

Other Rules

  • We will disqualify any entries that we believe are generated by scripts, and/or any automated electronic system.
  • The use of services to automatically generate email addresses is forbidden and will disqualify the participant.
  • If the winner fails to response to our notification email within 7 days, it is said that he/she forfeits the prize. Then, an alternate winner will be selected randomly.
  • The prize must be accepted as awarded and is not transferable or convertible to cash.

Sponsor: 4moms. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this contest.

Good Luck!


Submitted Entries

101 entries submitted for this contest.

  1. 1 Isabelle Asselin

    Isabelle Asselin answered: Black

  2. 2 Els Manning

    Els Manning answered: Silver

  3. 3 Jill Swensen

    Jill Swensen answered: Silver

  4. 4 Rosemariee

    Rosemariee answered: Green

  5. 5 Amy Bebb

    Amy Bebb answered: Pink

  6. 6 katie

    katie answered: Black

  7. 7 Diane Cook

    Diane Cook answered: Green

  8. 8 Adrian Arreola

    Adrian Arreola answered: Orange

  9. 9 Kendra Mason

    Kendra Mason answered: Orange

  10. 10 Ashley Robb

    Ashley Robb answered: Black

  11. 11 Brittany

    Brittany answered: Black

  12. 12 Jeanette Bonner

    Jeanette Bonner answered: Silver

  13. 13 Parita Patel

    Parita Patel answered: Green

  14. 14 Betty Jo Shaulis

    Betty Jo Shaulis answered: Green

  15. 15 Jessica Flannigan

    Jessica Flannigan answered: Black

  16. 16 Lori Phung

    Lori Phung answered: Black

  17. 17 beryl lynn

    beryl lynn answered: Green

  18. 18 Jorge Pereira

    Jorge Pereira answered: Orange

  19. 19 Michelle pereira

    Michelle pereira answered: Green

  20. 20 Jeani Hibbard-Rausch

    Jeani Hibbard-Rausch answered: Black

  21. 21 Aimee L. P.

    Aimee L. P. answered: Green

  22. 22 Rebecca De Clerk

    Rebecca De Clerk answered: Pink

  23. 23 Beverley Winterton

    Beverley Winterton answered: Pink

  24. 24 Denise L

    Denise L answered: Black

  25. 25 Amanda Hol

    Amanda Hol answered: Red

  26. 26 Payal

    Payal answered: Orange

  27. 27 Joy H.

    Joy H. answered: Orange

  28. 28 Susan Getter

    Susan Getter answered: Silver

  29. 29 Connie Irvine

    Connie Irvine answered: Red

  30. 30 Barbara Ingratta

    Barbara Ingratta answered: Silver

  31. 31 Jacqui Watt

    Jacqui Watt answered: Silver

  32. 32 Melissa Poirier

    Melissa Poirier answered: Orange

  33. 33 Martine Hamel

    Martine Hamel answered: Black

  34. 34 Emily Webb

    Emily Webb answered: Silver

  35. 35 Sarah C.

    Sarah C. answered: Green

  36. 36 susan crabtree

    susan crabtree answered: Black

  37. 37 Pauline Huen

    Pauline Huen answered: Black

  38. 38 Jake Gopinath

    Jake Gopinath answered: Black

  39. 39 Peter H.

    Peter H. answered: Black

  40. 40 Grace Chan

    Grace Chan answered: Black

  41. 41 Christine Morneault

    Christine Morneault answered: Silver

  42. 42 Sarah Posey

    Sarah Posey answered: Black

  43. 43 Bryan Peters

    Bryan Peters answered: Black

  44. 44 Julie Jocelyn

    Julie Jocelyn answered: Green

  45. 45 Jeff Watt

    Jeff Watt answered: Silver

  46. 46 Tania

    Tania answered: Black

  47. 47 Sarah Mackenzie

    Sarah Mackenzie answered: Orange

  48. 48 Laura Miller

    Laura Miller answered: Green

  49. 49 Leslie Rosenbaum

    Leslie Rosenbaum answered: Green

  50. 50 marcia hamilton

    marcia hamilton answered: Green

  51. 51 Veronica

    Veronica answered: Silver

  52. 52 Maryann Wesnoski

    Maryann Wesnoski answered: Black

  53. 53 Auris Huen

    Auris Huen answered: Black

  54. 54 Victoria

    Victoria answered: Silver

  55. 55 Marguerite Friesen

    Marguerite Friesen answered: Silver

  56. 56 Sheila lopez

    Sheila lopez answered: Silver

  57. 57 Christine Mayfield

    Christine Mayfield answered: Green

  58. 58 Leslie

    Leslie answered: Red

  59. 59 Angela Checchia

    Angela Checchia answered: Silver

  60. 60 Caroline A. Robbins

    Caroline A. Robbins answered: Green

  61. 61 Terri

    Terri answered: Red

  62. 62 Chris cornell

    Chris cornell answered: Black

  63. 63 Shane norman

    Shane norman answered: Black

  64. 64 Diane Green

    Diane Green answered: Red

  65. 65 Steven L

    Steven L answered: Green

  66. 66 Taryn

    Taryn answered: Black

  67. 67 Diane Bourque

    Diane Bourque answered: Silver

  68. 68 Josh

    Josh answered: Black

  69. 69 Pamela Jordan-Watters

    Pamela Jordan-Watters answered: Silver

  70. 70 BreeAnn

    BreeAnn answered: Silver

  71. 71 Chandra Mielke

    Chandra Mielke answered: Black

  72. 72 James Hayes

    James Hayes answered: Silver

  73. 73 Maurice

    Maurice answered: Red

  74. 74 Linda Cornell

    Linda Cornell answered: Green

  75. 75 Bill Cornell

    Bill Cornell answered: Green

  76. 76 Margaret Cornell

    Margaret Cornell answered: Green

  77. 77 Shiney

    Shiney answered: Orange

  78. 78 Carole

    Carole answered: Black

  79. 79 Benita Staples

    Benita Staples answered: Black

  80. 80 Marcia Taniajura

    Marcia Taniajura answered: Green

  81. 81 Eve

    Eve answered: Green

  82. 82 Joyce T. Johnson

    Joyce T. Johnson answered: Black

  83. 83 Karimah O.

    Karimah O. answered: Black

  84. 84 Bianca martins

    Bianca martins answered: Green

  85. 85 Jessica Wagner

    Jessica Wagner answered: Silver

  86. 86 Catherine Filion

    Catherine Filion answered: Black

  87. 87 meredith chafe

    meredith chafe answered: Green

  88. 88 juan navarro

    juan navarro answered: Black

  89. 89 Tara

    Tara answered: Black

  90. 90 Maricar Molisak

    Maricar Molisak answered: Red

  91. 91 Steve Poirier

    Steve Poirier answered: Orange

  92. 92 Jill Sales

    Jill Sales answered: Orange

  93. 93 gail c

    gail c answered: Black

  94. 94 Lan

    Lan answered: Green

  95. 95 Matt

    Matt answered: Red

  96. 96 Courtney Little

    Courtney Little answered: Green

  97. 97 brian chafe

    brian chafe answered: Black

  98. 98 Kevin

    Kevin answered: Black

  99. 99 Tim

    Tim answered: Silver

  100. 100 Sara Knol

    Sara Knol answered: Silver

  101. 101 Tresea Wallis

    Tresea Wallis answered: Green