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Small Space Living: Staircase Storage

staircase bedroom drawers

If you have a set of stairs in your home, chances are your small space isn’t as small as you think it is. That said, when you think about the “footprint” of a staircase, it’s easy to see wasted storage potential – particularly underneath.

Here are a few innovative ways that homeowners have re-claimed this typically underused space.

This staircase-bedroom combination shown on Home-Designing helps max out vertical space in a small New York apartment. The home owners created a guest bedroom and lounge area with an elevated sleeping area. The stairs themselves are actually drawers in disguise, providing plenty of storage for clothes and other essentials.

staircase shelves drawers storage

Likewise, this ladder/staircase hybrid crafted by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri / Copenhagen Joinery leads to a raised sleeping area in a child’s room. It’s a modern twist on bunkbeds, only here the stairs do double duty as shelves for toys and books, with even more storage in the build-in wardrobe.

Floating staircases may look contemporary, but they can also showcase contemporary clutter. Since they’re on wheels, these DIY storage units would be a great option for a finished basement/family room, providing easy access place to stash toys or seasonal items. Check out the complete builder’s plans from Workbench Magazine.

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2 Responses to “Small Space Living: Staircase Storage”

  1. Fantastic ideas!! I love them!!

  2. 2 Amelia Stevenson said:

    An excellent way to save up some space. It’s both practical and also stylish. I love the stairway’s color. It matches my brown bamboo and wood wind chimes.

    I would recommend this to my cousin who’s now renting small space in Manhattan. Im just not sure about the staircase-bedroom installation though. Is it like plug-n-play? Or do i have to hire someone to install it?