FAMILY, LIVING with kids | February 6, 2011

Toy Car Storage Solution

toy car knife rack storage

When you think outside of the kitchen, magnetic knife racks are incredibly versatile for storing all types of tools and objects. I use one in my craft room to organize scissors and other craft supplies, and my husband uses one for screwdrivers and pliers.

Turns out they’re also a clever option for keeping toys out from underfoot. Danielle at The Style Files shares how you can put one to work in kids rooms to store toy cars. It’s a great way to keep toys organized yet still accessible for small hands.

One thing’s for sure: post-playtime clean-up will be a cinch.

+ Toy Car Storage Idea from The Style Files
+ Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack $14.99 CAD at Ikea
+ Asker Magnetic Knife Rack $18.99 CAD at Ikea

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4 Responses to “Toy Car Storage Solution”

  1. Great idea! This would be great for Bakugans too! I might just go buy some for my boys!

  2. This is simply an amazing idea and one that I might have to duplicate! Super fab!

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  4. 4 Fern Ireland said:

    I liked your idea, but my son’s cars must all be plastic so it didn’t work. Bakugan’s did work though!!!