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pEi Pod for Cats and Dogs

pei Doggy :: stylish boxed bed for small dogs

We live with two wonderful cats. We spoil them once in a while. It is no secret that cats love to hide or sleep in a closed box. The pEi pod is a stylish option that will look awesome in a modern style interior.

pei Kitty

It just happens that this month giveaway at Moderncat is a pEi Pod in the color of your choice. If I do not win, I might buy one for our cats once. I am currently redecorating our living room. The mint pEi Kitty with a yellow pillow will look great with our new decor.

+ pEi Kitty or pEi Doggy – small $129.99 USD

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3 Responses to “pEi Pod for Cats and Dogs”

  1. These are such fabulous pet pods!!! I can see my little Toy Poodle all snuggled up in the little white one. Then I can see my Labradoodle trying to climb in so she can copy the poodle!!!

  2. Thanks for this nice article you’ve posted! I’ll be back soon!

  3. I recently got a mint egg with yellow pad for my 3 cats and wrote up a detailed review on my blog I HAVE CAT (single in the city with cats!).

    If you are considering getting a PEI POD, you might want to check it out!