ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY decorations | November 19, 2010

DIY Christmas Decorations on Ribbons

diy christmas decorations on ribbons

Real Simple can teach you how to make your own ornament chandelier for this Holiday season. You build tiers with balls attached to ribbons of different lengths. Then, glue the ball together to affix your creation.

small tree ornaments

For the second project, you will need plenty of small ornaments. Real Simple used retro bell-shaped ornaments to create its columns of ornaments. You could use various decorated small balls instead. The 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments or the Dew Drop Ornaments mixed the Jingle Bell Ornaments provide more options.

+ Ornament chandelier from Real Simple – photos: Francesco Lagnese
+ Bells Curtain from Real Simple
+ 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments $44.95 USD for 12 balls at Crate & Barrel
+ Dew Drop Ornaments $6.95 for set of 20
+ Jingle Bell Ornaments $1 each

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2 Responses to “DIY Christmas Decorations on Ribbons”

  1. Ohhh. I love this trend, I am hoping to hang a few clear ones filled with flowers for the holidays:) Thanks

  2. Great article. For next Christmas will do :)