ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY decorations | November 3, 2010

DIY Advent Calendar from Julie Ree

paper pyramids :: DIY advent calendar by Julie Ree

Advent calendars are a fantastic way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas with a daily indulgence. Though typically inexpensive to buy, a little creativity goes a long way toward a charming advent calendar filled with treats for your family and guests to enjoy throughout December.

Small chocolates fit inside the paper pyramids for an advent calendar project

I’ve been planning to make this gorgeous advent garland created by Julie Ree for years. Paper pyramids – which Julie cleverly notes look like sculptural, modern trees – are printed, folded and filled with chocolates, candies or other special surprises. With 25 pyramids, there is a lot of cutting involved in this project, but the instructions are so simple you can ask kids to help. The result is worth it!

Advent calendar paper pyramids on a mini apple garland

Print the pyramids on coloured or patterned cardstock to coordinate with your holiday decor. Julie tied her pyramids to a purchased mini apple garland, but you could also use a long piece of wide ribbon, branches in a vase or evergreen boughs.

Watch for more DIY advent calendar ideas in the coming weeks.

+ DIY Advent Garland from Julie Ree
+ Click to download the Pyramid Template (PDF) done by Julie Ree

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5 Responses to “DIY Advent Calendar from Julie Ree”

  1. Hi, Julie, i like your calendar and i speak about on my blog

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  4. What a cute idea. The link no longer works though. It seems that she has two colored options for sale on etsy.I was hoping for a blackline to print on scrap paper as my colored printer doesn’t look pretty :( Still super cute!

  5. You are right, Therese, her 2010 DIY project is no longer available. Julie nows sells two different patterns on Etsy.