ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY decorations | October 23, 2010

Three Family-Friendly Pumpkin Designs

sunflower pumpkin at family circle

You have one week left before Halloween to decorate your pumpkin. If you need last-minute ideas for adorable pumpkins, I scoured three playful designs. First, look how sunflower seeds and a glue gun can turn a pumpkin or a squash into an adorable owl.

happy mini witch and cat with a candy jar

Or you can turn your pumpkins into a candy jar. The witch around a campfire is so cute.

+ What a Hoot tutorial at Family Circle – photo: Alexandra Grablewski
+ Mini Witch And Cat Pumpkins at Martha Stewart
+ Lantern-o’-Treats at Martha Stewart

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2 Responses to “Three Family-Friendly Pumpkin Designs”

  1. love the sunflower seeds one! so clever!

  2. I adore the pumpkin owl!!! I have a soft spot for the white pumpkins anyway, so this one will be a family favorite in my house!