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Recycle Your Old Sweaters as Lampshades and Vase Covers

my fall trend report for hgtv canada

I highlighted the knitted home decor trend on my fall trend report for Style Sheet by HGTV.ca. Since I live in a cold climate, I am naturally drawn to it. By adding a few knitted pieces, you can create beautiful cozy rooms where it feels good to live.

DIY Home Decorating Ideas

recycled-sweater lampshade and vase covers as seen on country living

You do not ned to buy things to integrate the trend on your home if you are a little bit crafty. Country Living proposed ways to transform worn-out sweaters into clever covers for lampshades, vases and cushions. Keep those projects in mind for home made housewarming gifts and Holiday gifts.

+ 6 Recycled-Sweater Crafts on Country Living
+ via Sage & Style and Design Hole

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  1. Oh I love the re-purposed sweaters!!!