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Big News: I’m Pregnant!

i'm pregnant

My husband and I decided that it was time for us to expand our family. Therefore, Jerome and I are happy to announce that I’m expecting a baby boy. I can’t wait for the end of February to hold him in my arms.

As you can imagine, I already know which stroller I want, which furniture and bedding will decor the nursery. Where I need more help is with clothing. There are not many maternity stores near downtown Montreal. I do not wish to shop in a suburb mall because I will waste 1 or 2 hours driving in a car for the return trip.

I was thrilled to hear that Mexx launched a maternity collection but frankly, I was very disappointed. Boring style, no patterns. They do not seem to recognize that being pregnant is a happy time and that we also wish to wear colors and patterns.

What are the Best Maternity Stores in New York?

I will be in New York next weekend. I already know about Macy’s, Gap Maternity (which is not available in Canada) and Motherhood (which are only in the suburbs). Therefore, I am asking you for suggestions. Where should I look for fun, reasonably priced maternity clothes? I’m looking for a warm knee-length fall coat, a few dresses, tops and pants.

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  1. Congrats kim! exciting times for you! cheers kari

  2. Félicitations à vous deux! Bonheur, joie!
    Quel plaisir nous aurons à te suivre tout au long de cette aventure!

  3. 3 Annie Martineau said:

    Connais-tu la boutique Apso Bibi dans le Mile End, c’est pas pire, un peu plus original que Thyme, mettons!

    Bonne grossesse, félicitation!!


    ps: et si tu trouves des bonnes adresses pour des vêtements d’allaitement, j’en cherche…Maman d’un bébé de 5 mois et un peu tannée de porter des t-shirt-en-cotton-de-couleur-unie….boring!!!

  4. Congrats Kim and Jerome! I’m very happy for you!

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy 😉

  6. Congratulations, Kim! What an exciting new year for you and your husband.

    As for maternity clothes, have you tried Japanese Weekend and Peas in the Pod? I am not sure if both brands have retail stores in Montreal or NYC, but they are both online. Good luck with the maternity clothes quest. It was my one headache with both pregnancies.

  7. Congratulations! Very happy for you! Boys love their mamas!

  8. Congratulations!!! Happy shopping!

  9. Oh, that is wonderful news. Congratulations! xx

  10. Congratulations Kim ! Really happy for you and Jérôme !

  11. Kim this is wonderful news!!

    Congratulation to both you and Jerome; I’m so happy for you!

    I hope you are feeling well and the pregnancy is going smoothly. All the best.

  12. Big news indeed!

    Félicitations :)

  13. Félicitations à vous deux!

    En voyant la photo, ça m’a tout de suite arraché un sourire. Mais au lieu d’essayer de voir si c’était un garçon ou une fille, j’ai essayé de voir ce qu’il avait dans les mains : iPhone? iPad? un code QR déjà tatoué sur la fesse?

    Too much la photo de l’écho dans ton blogue!

    Merci d’avoir partagé la nouvelle!

  14. YÉÉÉÉÉÉ!!!! Félicitations à vous deux!!!! Que de bonheur!

  15. Félicitations future maman !!!!! Et aussi à futur papa !!!!

  16. Congrats, how exciting!!! Liz Lange sells a line at Target, you’ll pass a few on your way to New York City. Honestly I’ve never looked at it, I was done with pregnancy before she started selling at Target or before we even had a Target. A Pea in a Pod in the city too would have real nice stuff.

  17. How wonderful! Félicitations Kim & Jerome!

  18. Congratulations Kim and Jerome! So happy for you both and can’t wait to read all about this new adventure! :)

  19. Congratulations Kim! Wishing you a happy and healthy little one!

    Hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!>
    party inspiration

  20. Congrats Kim! So very happy for you!

  21. Félicitations à vous deux!
    Je vous souhaite une belle expérience de nouveaux parents. Une belle grossesse pour toi Kim et un magnifique garçon en pleine forme!
    Février arrivera très vite et avec un enfant le temps file, profitez donc de chaque moment durant cet attente!

  22. 22 Kelly Bock said:

    How wonderful for you and your husband! Regarding materity clothes, I found most of them horrible! The one thing I loved were my Paige denim materity jeans. I also bought lots of Ella Moss non-materity empire waist knit tops and dresses; very comfortable!!! Best, K

  23. 23 Kelly Bock said:

    sorry, someone made off with my letter “n”

  24. Kim & Jerome,

    I can’t wait to meet the little one, better parents it could not ask for.
    I hope the pregnancy is going well, that you are comfortable and enjoying it!
    and more aptly, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Aww congratulations Kim (and Jerome!). What wonderful news.

  26. WOW!!! A very very big congratulations!! It’s one of the most fascinating times in your life :)

  27. Congratulations! What great news for you! Bringing a child in the world is a big change to your lifestyles and worth every minute of it. I was so satisfied with my experience that I’ve just had my second one this September (a daughter) with my son being 19 already!


  28. 28 Aurélie Alaume (@Aurelie_A) said:

    Félicitations à vous, Kim! Et bienvenue au p’tit gars!

  29. Big and very exciting news indeed! Congrats, Kim. Very happy for you two. I am sure he would be gorgeous!

  30. 30 Jen L. said:

    Congrats Kim & Jerome! Wonderful news. I just gave birth 4 weeks ago to a beautiful baby boy myself. Can’t wait to hear about more updates on your baby and see how you decorate the nursery :)

  31. Congratulations, Kim! How wonderful!!!

  32. Kelly: I often buy empire waist tops or dresses. They have been a life saver so far. I will go check a small boutique that I adore because they carry Ella Moss. Thanks for the suggestion.

  33. Nicole, I know. I can’t believe that I basically did half of the pregnancy.

  34. Barbara: someone else suggested on Facebook that I check Target and I forgot about Pea in a Pod. I will visit them.

  35. Lucie: I will go take a picture this afternoon of a greeting card that I saw yesterday. It will make you laugh.

  36. Cathe: Japanese Weekend is available at speciality stores in NYC. It’s cool because it gave a list of small boutiques to visit. Thanks!

  37. Annie: Non, merci du tuyau. Si je vois des vêtements d’allaitement intéressants, je te ferai signe.

  38. Hi Kim,

    Congratulations – how exciting! Sending warm, blissful wishes your way!

    I thought of a couple of places to try:

    A Pea in the Pod –

    Belly Dance Maternity –

    H & M, 34th St @ Herald Square (Broadway), (646) 473-1164

    A Second Chance Designer, 1109 Lexington Avenue, (212) 744-6041

    Mimi Maternity,
    2005 Broadway, (212) 721-1999
    1125 Madison Avenue, (212) 737-3784
    2 World Financial Center, (212) 945-6424
    225 Liberty Street, (212) 945-6424

    Veronique Maternity –

    Huge congratulatory hugs,

    Stephanie Dickison

  39. Congratulations Kim!
    Wishing you a happy pregnancy and a healthy little boy!

  40. Suis “folle comme d’la marde” pour vous deux. Méga bisou

  41. Congratulations I am so excited for you:)Keep us posted .

  42. Thrilling news! Congrats and wishes of happy long healthy lives for the whole family!

    As per maternity clothes… good luck! Any effort to look stylish is usually wasted by depressing trips to specialty stores. I ended up going to second hand shops where (in Montreal) you will sometimes find French maternity designer clothes (Formes being one of my favorite).

    Moderately priced and styled basics can be easily found at (their store locator allows you to find a store that carries the Maternity line in NY). Most bothersome though is not the clothes but the underwear….. all fugly as heck! Soon you won’t stand your old panties and the bras will be too small. I remember every time I bought a nursing bra, I cried…. and there… I have no solution.

    Can’t wait to read all the pregnancy and mom-related posts :)

  43. Stephanie: I found a solution because I can not wear those ugly maternity bras. At my satisfaction, I still fit in the t-shirt bras from Chantelle, one of my favorite bra makers. They produce generous sizes. Some models, probably on special orders, goes up to H. I am far from there yet. And the cup material is thick enough for the needs of a pregnant woman. I still feel sexy wearing the C Chic model. I selected it in soft pink and in a rich burgundy brown. I understand why you cried when you bought a nursery bra. I need to find an alternative because I refused to wear something as ugly as this. One salesperson at the lingerie shop suggested to ask a sewer to add attaches to the cute straps of a Chantelle bra.

  44. Congratulations, Kim! All the best to you and Jerome.

  45. Woohoou! Toutes mes félicitations à toi et Jérôme! 😉

  46. Kim, je te souhaite tout plein de bonheur dans cette belle aventure!

  47. Thumbs up!
    By my last post I shared my first granddaughter:-)

  48. Thumbs up!
    By my last post I shared my first granddaughter:-)

    Sorry for the dup…I made a typo in my twitter ID

  49. 49 Allison said:

    Congratulations!! Little boys are so much fun – I have two of them myself! :) Great suggestions for mat stores/clothing, not too much to add, but here’s a couple:

    – the Bay – not for mat clothes, but just general clothes that are funky and cut in a way that you have have a bump in! I’m sure many other stores can fall into this category too, but I had particular luck at the Bay!

    – if you are ever visiting in Ottawa – Red Velvet is great!

    – definite must: invest in a good pair of mat jeans! for my second pg, I spent good $$ on some high end jeans – but they were sooo worth it! Looked great, and felt great too!

    All the best!!!

    PS – shopping for boys clothes is super fun too! :)

  50. 50 Margarida Seiça said:

    Congratulations, Kim! All the best for the three of you!!!!