ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY decorations | September 30, 2010

Creepy Front Door and Entryway Halloween Decorations

greatest hiss diy projects by martha stewart living

You cannot neglect your entryway for Halloween as it sets the mood for the entire house. Ideally, coordinate your outdoor decorations with what going on inside your home. The aim is to carry out one specific ambiance.

cobweb crows and forbidden flowers for Halloween

The jet-black wreath infested by snakes clearly warms your visitors. Then, continue the theme with bouquets full of spiders or covered in creepy cobwebs. Use dark flower vases to achieve the full effect. These are all easy to follow DIY projects from Martha Stewart.

+ Wriggling Wreath and Deranged Arrangement – Martha Stewart Living Oct. 2010
+ Quick-Spun Cobwebs
+ Forbidden Flowers

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