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Sublime Cork Flooring

sublime cork flooring

sublime cork flooring

Cork is well known for its sound barrier and thermal properties. But I have to admit that I am not big of the typical look of cork flooring products. This might change with that one. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, I cannot provide you any information regarding where to buy it.

+ via the design blog of Canadian House and Home


Five Unusual Halloween Pumpkins

leafy carved pumpkins by sunset magazine

I scoured the Web for beautiful, fun and unique style pumpkins. The main constant is to stay away from the orange pumpkins.

night owl pumpkin by martha stewart

+ The carve-by-color technique gives this Night Owl pumpkin a cool and unexpected twist. One element that it not mention on the online instructions is that you also need to paint your pale Lumina pumpkin on page 6. (via Martha Stewart)

sneaky trick or treat pumpkins by Sunset magazine

+ Anyone can do this nice trick. The effect of the sneaky trick or treat pumpkin is obtained by placing your stencil for the trick backward on the back of the pumpkin. Put a candle inside the pumpkin and simply position the pumpkin to see a reflection of the word trick on the wall. (via Sunset magazine)

unusual pumpkins :: carved and painted black and white

+ An antique plate inspired the design of the Thorny Vines Pumpkin. Country Living carved the vines on a perfectly shaped blue hubbard pumpkin.

+ The Black & White Painted Pumpkins were done with the typical pumpkins that were brushed with a coat of white flat acrylic craft paint. You can skip that step if you buy white pumpkins. (via Country Living)

leafy carved pumpkins by sunset magazine

+ The leafy pumpkins seems to be giant zucchinis that also grow on width. (via Sunset magazine)


Little Drummer Girl for a 1st Birthday Party

little drummer girl cake topper and marshmallow pops by blue cupcake

Who can resist such an adorable cupcake tower topper like this drum cake? Not me. Music instruments, like drums, are an excellent theme for a toddler birthday party because parents can find plenty of ways to decorate and to build activities around the theme.

Cupcake Tower and a Sweet Table

drum cupcakes by blue cupcake

I spot that real life party from the talented cupcake studio Blue Cupcake located in Los Angeles. Visit her site to see more pictures of the sweet table where they served dipped marshmallow pops, cake balls, rice treat pops, french macarons and candies.

+ Blue Cupcake


Creepy Front Door and Entryway Halloween Decorations

greatest hiss diy projects by martha stewart living

greatest hiss diy projects by martha stewart living

You cannot neglect your entryway for Halloween as it sets the mood for the entire house. Ideally, coordinate your outdoor decorations with what going on inside your home. The aim is to carry out one specific ambiance.

cobweb crows and forbidden flowers for Halloween

The jet-black wreath infested by snakes clearly warms your visitors. Then, continue the theme with bouquets full of spiders or covered in creepy cobwebs. Use dark flower vases to achieve the full effect. These are all easy to follow DIY projects from Martha Stewart.

+ Wriggling Wreath and Deranged Arrangement – Martha Stewart Living Oct. 2010
+ Quick-Spun Cobwebs
+ Forbidden Flowers


Evian Bottle by Issey Miyake

issey miyake evian bottles

issey miyake evian bottles

After Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Paul Smith, it’s the turn of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake to design a beautiful, limited-edition bottle for Evian. His design is Sprung from Pleats Please and was inspired by Pleats Please, his innovative pleated cloth technique with multiple collections.

Where to Find the Bottle?

Aubut Alimentation in Montreal carried last year boxes of the Paul Smith’s Evian bottles. I do not know if they will have the Issey Miyake version this year. From their Web site, I know that it will be able in the United States at Issey Miyake’s stores.

If you wish to get those, know that the designer bottles cost more than the original bottles. Budget at least 5 times more, if my memory served me right. But I think the Issey Miyake’s Evian bottles would make a stunning table decor addition to a party. Just make sure that nobody puts them in the recycling bins since you probably want to keep them and reuse them over and over.

+ Evian by Issey Miyake


Vintage Bikes, Food+Flower+Style and Hotel Chocolat

front door of hotel chocolat on newbury street in boston

delivery bike of food+flower+style

It seems that not only city cyclers fall in love with vintage bikes. Vintage bikes unite my story of two retailers. Plus, both brands rely on their unique creations to do business.


event design by food+flower+style

Food+Flower+Style is the retail place of two sisters with a background in food and floral arrangements. I like what they do. They specialize in event and floral design. One particularly is that they often flowers with their vintage style bicycle. They serve San Francisco and New York. They deliver by bike chocolate, flowers and home decor accessories (style).

days of the week dishtowels

The nostalgic feeling of their Days of the week dishtowels is cute and comforting. They are flexible on the tasks you can print on the dishtowels.

Hotel Chocolat

front door of hotel chocolat on newbury street in boston

Seeing the British old-fashioned bike in front of Hotel Chocolat invited me to enter their chocolate shop. This British chocolatier transformed me into a customer with their Less Sugar, More Cacao recipes.

hotel chocolat newbury street location

This British chocolate maker opens two stores so far in The United States. Both are in Boston. I took pictures at the Newbury Street location. If you wish to become more savvy with your cacao, Hotel Chocolat offers Tasting classes that cost $50 per person. This can be a fun event among friends.

inside view of hotel chocolat newbury street location

It was hard to decide what I wanted from their vast selection. Sadly, the US Web site only shows a few products. A cool thing is that they produce a seasonal chocolate collection where the fillings reflect the seasonal produces. I bought several bars and boxes that pleased my taste buds. I will definitely go back on my next trip to Boston.

+ Days of the week dishtowels $35 USD
+ Food+Flower+Style – via Design Mom
+ Hotel Chocolat in the United States
+ The British site of Hotel Chocolat that sells online


Winners of The Art of Marketing Giveaway and a Special Rate

The winners of The Art of Marketing Giveaway will receive one free ticket each, complimentary of  The Art of Productions Inc. The two winners are:

I will email or DM the two winners in order for The Art of Productions Inc. to register you at their conference. Thank you for everyone who participate. There is still time to buy tickets. I will attend. Come to say Hi if you are there.

Special Rate for my Readers

For the others, if you wish to register to be at The Art of Marketing, you can take advantage of our preferred price of $349 – saving $50 off the regular price by using promo code KV26. Plus, when you register 3 or more people you’ll save an additional $50 off each ticket! Hurry up since the the first ten people who register using your promo code KV26 a free copy of Seth Godin book Linchpin.

+ Register for the Art of Marketing conference in Montreal and enter the promo code KV26


Coolest Dish Rack and Fruit Bowls from Alessi

tempo dish rack and drainer by pauline deltour for alessi

tempo dish rack and drainer by pauline deltour for alessi

Thursday night, I went to a media event at the Montreal Alessi store on Crescent Street. One thing that I learned about Alessi is that they do not commissioned designers for projects. Instead, designers presented to Alessi their ideas and Alessi selected the best ones for their brand. This is why their catalogue of products is so diversified.

Let’s have a look at my favorite items from the Spring 2010 collection or the Fall 2010 collection.

The French-born, Munich-based designer Pauline Deltour created a series called Tempo. Her Tempo dish rack with its resin drainer is the most gorgeous dish rack of market. You would not mind that it sits on your counter. The dish rack and the cutlery drainer are made in 18/10 stainless steel. An optional thermoplastic resin tray not only acts as the drainer but it enables you to bring plates and bowls from the table to the sink.

Fruit Bowls and Bread Baskets

pauline deltour wire baskets for Alessi

This is not all. Look at the beautiful wire basket collection by Pauline Deltour. She designed a fruit basket with an optional fruit plate, a citrus basket, and a waste basket. I like the simple lines of their utilitarian design.

peneira mesh baskets by fratelli campana for alessi

A fine 18/10 stainless steel mesh is used to produce the Peneria baskets designed by the Campana brothers. The Brazilian duo finished it with a natural fiber rim. The result are baskets that look delicate and organic. They are stunning. I like the small one as a bread basket and the middle size as a fruit bowl.

Finally, it gave me a chance to see and touch the Ovale dinnerware collection by Studio Bouroullec. The plates and dishes are smaller than I imagined but I see it as a plus. I’m getting tired of oversized tableware. And it probably why the collection feel modern Scandinavian. The double walled ice bucket is superb.

+ Tempo dish rack by Pauline Deltour for Alessi $116 USD
+ Tempo draining tray by Pauline Deltour for Alessi $34
+ Tempo wire basket by Pauline Deltour for Alessi from $52 to $95
+ Peneira basket by Fratelli Campana for Alessi from $69 to $190


Five Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kits

halloween cupcake decorating kits

halloween cupcake decorating kits

Making your own show stopper cupcakes is simple if you get festive cupcake liners, wrappers and cake toppers. There are many classic Halloween themes to choose from.

For the Family

Your kids can help you decorate your cupcakes with Williams-Sonoma’s Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit. The kit includes 24 orange spider-web liners, 6 spider toppers, 6 bat toppers, 6 ghost toppers and 6 pumpkin toppers.

meri meri trick or treat halloween cupcake decorating kits :: something wicked

Or you may prefer the witch toppers and Frankenstein toppers that you find inside the Meri Meri Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Kit. it also comes with ghost toppers and pumpkin toppers.

Spooky and Haunted House Themes

Something Wicked include 24 cupcake cups in two patterns, 6 skulls, 6 ravens, 6 spiders, and 6 Happy Halloween pics. The collection is suitable for kids and adults.

wilton halloween cupcake wrappers and pics

Wilton proposes 12 wrappers and 24 pics set are the most affordable option. And they  are as cute as the others. Wilton wrappers are more refined. You will need to bake the cupcakes in a standard cupcake cups. Solid orange liners work the best. I like the Pick your Poison Cupcake Wraps ‘n Pix and the Haunted Manor Cupcake Wraps ’n Pix. But you would have to find them at a local store because they are out of stock at the Wilton online store.

+ Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit $12 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Meri Meri Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Kit $11.95 at [affiliate link]
+ Something Wicked Halloween Cupcake Kit $7.95 at [affiliate link]
+ Pick your Poison Cupcake Wraps ‘n Pix $3.99
+ Haunted Manor Cupcake Wraps ’n Pix $3.99


Fall Container Gardens that Would be Perfect for Halloween

fall Halloween planters for your front door

fall Halloween planters for your front door

I was looking for fall planter ideas when I came across two fall arrangements that you can put on your porch during the Halloween season. They do not scream Halloween. Instead, they incorporate colors and elements that we associate with one of the most popular celebrations of the year.

If I have one suggestion, I would gather more gourds around the planter for a more festive effect.

+ Touch of Bronze – photo by Thomas J. Story, Julie Chai for Sunset magazine
+ Halloween in a pot – photo by Norm Plate for Sunset magazine

BABY products FAMILY

Beautiful Bibs by Oktak Mini | Etsy Finds

reversible large bib by oktakmini bird and red stripes

reversible large bib by oktakmini bird and red stripes

I bought several pouches from Oktak, the brand of Aki Takada, a Japanese bag designer who lives in Manhattan. Aki has launched an Etsy store for baby stuff called Oktak Mini. Like for her coin purses, pouches and clutches, her fabric choice is awesome.

reversible large bib cars

The small and large bibs would make baby shower gift that parents will appreciate since you need a few ones.

reversible small bib fork and spoon

+ Large bib – bird and red stripes $12.50 USD on Etsy
+ Reversible large bib – cars $12
+ Reversible small bib – spoons and forks on light blue $14