CAKES + desserts, ENTERTAINING | July 27, 2010

Twist Lollipops and Ribbon Candies by Hammond’s Candies

twist lollipops and ribbon candies by hammond's candies

I can’t believe that I did not introduce Hammond’s Candies earlier. This is the company that produces the adorable ribbon candies. They come in regular and mini sizes. In total, you get a choice of 12 flavors/color combinations that allow to design a superb candy table.

They also make the twist lollipops that we have seen on the hands of many brides and grooms over the last few years. And my Canadian readers will be happy to know that they will ship to Canada.

+ Ribbon Candies by Hammond’s Candies $17.99 for mini ribbons (two 5 oz gift bags), $21 USD for set of 4 regular ribbons
+ Handmade Pink Lemonade Twist Lollipops, 1 oz. $18.95 for 8 or $68 for case of  34 – Four 4oz. size for $17.00
+ All Natural 1 oz. Orange Lolli Set $18.95 for 8 or $68 for case of  34
+ Strawberry Shortcake 2oz. Lolli Set $15.95 for 4

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3 Responses to “Twist Lollipops and Ribbon Candies by Hammond’s Candies”

  1. I LOVE Hammonds Candies, I recently imported some to Australia for my son’s 5th Birthday, they were such a huge hit! Getting here was a PIA though, had to get a friend from SD to pay for them and ship them, but it was definitely worth it 😉

  2. So yummy and enticing! And if you’re in the Denver area, there’s a factory tour!

  3. I’ve been visiting your blog for a whilst now and I usually locate a gem inside your new posts. Thanks for sharing.