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Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids

happy smile paul & Kate plates by pitekan for kids

Leave it to Japanese people to create the cutest food presentation for kids. Here, parents do not have to be food sculpting artists to create a fun plate for their toddlers. Pitekan sold them in a pack of 2 assorted plates. You get one china porcelain red-haired boy plate (Paul) and one china porcelain blonde girl (Kate).

I found these at Trico, on online store that is operated from Japan. They suggest to send them an email to order in English. The Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates are pricey so you could use them on Sundays and special occasions.

About Porcelain Plates for Kids

I know that many moms will be horrified at the idea that these are not melamine plates. I have seen it work. I cannot tell you how to educate your kids but I believe that kids should be taught at a young age to eat on proper plates. This way, they learn how to behave at the table. The quickest they learn not throw food or to hit the dinnerware with their cutlery, the less work it will be for you.

If wish to hear your thoughts on when and how to switch to actual dinnerware instead of plastic ones?

+ page translated by Google:  Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids at Trico ¥4,620 for a pack of 2 assorted (approx. $53)

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5 Responses to “Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids”

  1. Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids – more Japanese design

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  2. ooooooooooooo I love these!!

  3. These are so cute!

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  5. I definitely think “real” materials (i.e. NOT plastic or paper) should be used by kids. They learn faster than one expects. You’d have thought my 3 year old had won the Nobel prize the first time she carried a wood tray with three GLASS glasses with juice in them to a table of waiting friends.

  6. These are the cutest plates! My daughter would have so much fun with these!