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lotus flowers in Tokyo :: photo by yurys

To start the weekend, I share two pictures that illustrate well local nature. I saw this post by my Japanese friend Yurys. She photographed lotus in blooms at the Ueno Park in Tokyo. The view of that garden is absolutely stunning.

From Montreal

yellow flowers from my garden

The yellow flowers from my garden seems pale compared to the lotus flowers but they represent our wildlife. These delicate looking perennial flowers are most resistant than they look. I put them on a planter last year. They bloomed again from my pot; I did not do anything to them last fall or this spring. The only thing was that the planter was always under the sun. As a bonus, the seeds fall from our balcony and we now have a row of yellow flowers next to the house. I could not tell you their name.

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  1. Two pictures of local Flowers http://kim.tl/cafEIP

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  2. Love this! I took some great pic of these flowers in Bali, I love how the middle looks fake!

  3. Sally: The middle is incredible! Bali must be a wonderful place to visit.

  4. HI Kim!

    You perennials look just simply beautiful!

    They remind me of sunflowers/daisies….I recently stopped by a a filed of sunflowers here and just had to photo them! They look divine at this time of year….The farmers even gave me a few for my party! :)


  5. Wow – that image of the lotus blossom is absolutely stunning! I love that you can really see the veins of the petals. Thank you for sharing!