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HOME + GARDEN, OUTDOOR space | July 31, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

Stunning Swedish Outdoor Hot Tub

bathroom of Katarina Grundströmer as seen on Sköna Hem

This summer home is heaven on Earth. I do not know which view I prefer between the bathroom or the outdoor wood-fired hot tub. This is the summer house of a new star in the Swedish stylist scene (according to Emmas designblog), Katarina Grundströmer. Do not miss the rest of her summer home, it’s a place [...]

CAKES + desserts, ENTERTAINING | July 30, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

Matcha Sablés, Chiffon Cake and Other Japanese Treats

matcha sables as seen on evan's kitchen ramblings

I still have a craving for the fabulous matcha bakery treats I ate in Japan. One thing I like about Japanese desserts is that they are not as sweet as here. They mix traditional French patisserie with Japanese techniques and ingredients to create cakes and pastries that taste fresh and new. Therefore, it will come to [...]

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FOOD + DRINK, RECIPES + menus | July 29, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

My Call for Less Salt in Processed Food and Restaurant Food

too much salt :: fight against sodium in processed food and restaurant food

Salt may not have calories but eating too much sodium can lead to premature deaths due to heart diseases and strokes. In North America, we eat on average twice the recommended daily intake (1,500 mg). Something has to be done. It is relatively easy to cook with less salt at home, if you make a [...]

Uncategorized | July 29, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

Revisiting Swimming Pool Trends on HGTV

revisiting swimming pool trends

For my monthly column on Style Sheet by HGTV Canada, I took a look at stunning, modern style swimming pools designed by architects. I would in heaven to get a pool like that in my backyard. Maybe one day, when we move to sunny California. I also discussed the latest trends in pool equipments. There [...]

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FOOD + DRINK, FOOD presentation

July 28, 2010 | by Kim

Beautiful Caviar and Vodka

flavored vodka shooters and caviar on an ice bar

It is not everyday that I see stunning caviar pictures like those photographed by Kate Harrison for the wedding of a Russian [...]


July 27, 2010 | by Kim

Hand Stenciled Table Linens

emersonmade eat linen napkins

I like the casual, easy living quality of the hand stenciled pure linen napkins and table runners produced by Emersonmade. They will [...]

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July 27, 2010 | by Kim

Twist Lollipops and Ribbon Candies by...

twist lollipops and ribbon candies by hammond's candies

I can’t believe that I did not introduce Hammond’s Candies earlier. This is the company that produces the adorable ribbon candies. They [...]

FAMILY, KIDS products

July 26, 2010 | by Kim

Kids’ Chef Aprons by Beansoup

chef aprons for kids by beansoup

One way to foster good eating habits for your kids is to develop their taste buds through cooking. Plus, it allows parents [...]

FOOD + DRINK, FOOD presentation

July 26, 2010 | by Kim

Food Presentation by Matt Armendariz

fennel salad and asparagus tarts

When you cook at home, you do not have a team of sous-chefs to help you plate an elaborate dish. Therefore, I [...]


July 26, 2010 | by Kim

Delightful Mondays: More Summer Food for...

warm beet salad with goat cheese and fresh herbs by the dog's breakfast

With all those great food photography, I had a hard time deciding which recipes to feature this week for my Delightful Mondays. [...]

DESIGN and style, LIVING

July 23, 2010 | by Kim

Kate Spade’s iPhone cases And The Need...

kate spade iphone 3G cases

I always put a case to protect my iPhone. Kim of The TomKat Studio talked about her Kate Spade’s iphone case. They [...]


July 23, 2010 | by Kim

Pretty Mini Pies

pretty mini pies fashioned with the lattice pocket pie mold and the apple pocket pie mold

Talk about a simple way to bring sophistication to your table. I imagine that many of you will wish to recycle this [...]

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