More Melamine Dinnerware for Outdoor Dining

ikea fargrik trolsk bowls and plates

I can believed that I bought more melamine dinnerware for outdoor dining. When I saw the Färgrik Trolsk bowls, I could not resist because they pair well with my Crate & Barrel rice bowls. I resist buying the plates but I bought the red Trolsk serving bowl because it can come handy to serve nachos or grilled vegetables.

ikea fargrik trolsk plates and bowls in yellow, white and blue

The yellow, white and blue composition feels cheerful. It is one if their most successful looks.

+ Färgrik Trolsk bowls $5.99 CAD for 2 assorted bowls
+ Trolsk serving bowl $12.99 CAD

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5 Responses to “More Melamine Dinnerware for Outdoor Dining”

  1. So cute, I really like these myself. Now you are ready for a dinner party 😉

  2. I love those. What is it about them that makes me think they’re vintage inspired? Is it the flowers or the colours? They’re fantastic.

  3. Carol: I think it is a mix of both that gave you this feeling.

  4. #ff @KimVallee ~ an #entertaining expert with a LOT of (very fun!) melamine #nesting #decor

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  5. These are great! The colors go together so well, and they are so easy to use/clean.