Minimalist Fire Pit

hill house designed by architect david coleman :: photo by Lara Swimmer

There are a lot of good things that I could say about this modest house designed by architect David Coleman. For one thing, he reduced the footprint of the building not just for the construction but also by keeping the living space small (1100 sq) during the cold weather. The usable space doubles during summer.

But the thing that really caught my eye is the fire pit cut from the wooden desk. You can not be more minimalist and functional than that.

+ photography: Lara Swimmer
+ via Contemporist

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2 Responses to “Minimalist Fire Pit”

  1. OMG…I love this house. It’s the type of structure I would want as a summer cottage.

  2. Un feu de foyer tout ce qu’il y a de minimaliste ET pratique. (via @KimVallee)

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