GIFT IDEAS, Gift WRAP | May 11, 2010

Give Luck. Give Love. Give Joy.

gift luck fabric gift wrap by chewing the cud

Chewing The Cud has a collection of fabric gift wraps with lovely messages. Give Luck seems to be only available in blue. It is a shame since I like it in yellow.

gift love fabric gift wrap at chewing the cud

The yellow and grey pattern of Give Love is freshly modern. This is probably my favorite.

gift joy fabric gift wrap at chewing the cud

The fuschia and lime pencil drawing style of Give Joy will appeal to recipients of all ages.

Each 28×28 inches fabric wrap costs $12. They are slightly smaller than the traditional 90 cm square furoshiki, which means that you will probably not be able to carry two bottles with a single cloth. But otherwise, you should be able to wrap a fair amount of items.

+ Fabric wraps at Chewing The Cud $12 USD

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2 Responses to “Give Luck. Give Love. Give Joy.”

  1. @KimVallee features fabric gift wrapping from a company called Chewing the Cud. Did they really name themselves that??

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  2. My Mom always used to wrap everything in fabric. I always thought that was cute and made the present more exciting. For Christmas she made us each new pillowcases and stuffed all of our presents in there so it was like we each got our own Santa’s sack of toys.

  3. These gift wraps are so great! Makes me want to buy a present for someone!

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