ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | April 13, 2010

Use Flower Installations to Decorate your Party

flourish art installation designed by the Canadian visual artist kristi malakoff

Art pieces can be a great source of inspirations for decorating a party. Take the flower installation that the Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff created in 2005. She did not use actual flowers to create her flower installations. Instead, she used 2000 photographed of flowers to write the word Flourish.

party decor inspirations :: flourish wall art designed by kristi malakoff

Her idea could be recycled for a little girl’s birthday party or a wedding. I would keep the word short to reduce the amount of work. It reminds me of Umbra’s Wallflower word graffiti I shown you last November.

+ Flower Installations by Kristi Malakoff

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