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February 2010


The 7th edition of Nuit Blanche in Montreal

having fun with the exhibits at nuit blanche 2010

having fun with the exhibits at nuit blanche 2010

At this time of the year, Montreal hosts one big cultural night all across the city. Yesterday night event was as popular as ever. The event closed between 2 and 3 am. Last year, I walked for hours the underground exhibit with a few friends.

nuit blanche 2010 overall view of place des festivals

This year, we had other plans during the evening. Since it finished late, we stopped at the art gallery of our friend Bettina Forget to see her Change vs. Forever exhibit. Then, we walked to the Place des Festivals. The place was transformed so that people can dance, create, imagine and immerse themselves in a visual and auditory experience.

nuit blanche 2010 :: acting a scene from the prisoner

My husband and I had fun playing with the exhibits. My husband did his version of scenes from the Prisoner TV series. The sphere garden was gorgeous. It changed colors.

interactive image table at nuit blanche in montreal

There were a series of interactive exhibits that we did not try. On one installation, you change the image by moving your hands. There was also a drawing screen on a building facade. People had fun doing it.

drawing screen at nuit blanche in montreal

Finally, lights were displayed all over the surrounding buildings.

multimedia art and lights on buildings at nuit blanche


The Tea Party on the new Alice in Wonderland

tea party trailer alice in wonderland of Tim Burton

tea party trailer alice in wonderland of Tim Burton

I bet that Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland will push the more daring party planners to give a facelift to this ever popular theme. I am curious to see how much the vivid imagination of Tim Burton transformed the universe depicted on the 1865 novel written by Lewis Carroll.

I am a fan of creating a long table for an event. But as you can see it, in an Alice in Wonderland universe, things look best if they do not match. Do not be afraid to mix round tables with rectangular tables until you have enough places to sit all your guests.

I look forward for the release of Alice in Wonderland March 5th, 2010. I hope that the IMAX 3D would be as impressive as in Avatar. And I would not miss a performance of the good looking Johnny Deep. He is one of my favorite actor.

+ Alice in Wonderland


A Stylish Aqua and White Dessert Table

white and aqua blue color palette for a dessert buffet table

white and aqua blue color palette for a dessert buffet table

If you are looking for inspiration to create a sublime white and aqua blue dessert buffet table, you have to see the Winter Wonderland theme done Maddy from Inspired Bride and Amanda from Bake It Pretty. You will find here the recipe for the marshmallow pops. Apparently it is fairly easy to make and does not too much time. Looking at the wow factor, I suggest that you give it a try.

Their entire buffet table was impressive. The aqua and white theme works is versatile. You can use it for a baby shower, a birthday, a bridal shower or a wedding.

save the date and congratulations postcard designed by maddy of the inspired bride

In fact, you could match it with the Dessert Buffet Save the Date and Congratulations! postcards that Maddy designed earlier. Head to her blog if you wish to download the templates.

+ More details about the theme on Hostess with the Mostess


The Conmoto Gate and Turn Fireplaces

conmoto gate fireplace :: modern style fireplace

conmoto gate fireplace  :: modern style fireplace

I love sitting next to a fireplace. If you are looking for something spectacular, check out the modern fireplace and stove from Conmoto, a German fireplace maker. Their fireplaces often look like piece of furniture.

Carsten Gollnick designed a vertical fireplace with a companion wood storage unit. The combustion chamber of Gate is suspended to float in the matt, anthracite-coated steel plate. I think it looks edgy in a subtle way.

turn fireplace by conmoto :: swiveling fireplace

What about a 360 degrees swiveling stove for wood to create an atmosphere! The Turn fireplace locks in position at set increments. Prefect for people who lives in loft or with a open space dining and living space, you can enjoy the fire from several angles. This design by Schweiger & Viererbl won the 2009 Good Design Award in the Household products category.

If you are interested to buy those, I saw that Unica Home carries some of fireplaces and fireplace accessories by Conmoto but I did not see these two models on their online catalogue.

+ Conmoto Gate Fireplace
+ Conmoto Turn Fireplace


Stylish Easy to Bake Cookie Recipes and a Cookbook

lemon cookies :: flourless chocolate cookies as seen on style at home

lemon spritz cookies :: flourless chocolate cookies as seen on style at home

After the game console controller cookies, the latest newsletter of Style at Home gives me the occasion to introduce cookie recipes that everyone can bake. I selected two stylish classic cookies that are crowd pleasers. Do not hesitate to serve cookies for dessert at a brunch. If people are less hungry, they will enjoy more one cookie than a piece of cake.

cookbook Chocolate Epiphany: Exceptional Cookies, Cakes, and Confections for Everyone

+ Lemon spritz cookie recipe – Photography by Aran Goyoaga
+ Flourless chocolate cookie recipe – Recipe by Francois Payard and Anne E. McBride

+ Chocolate Epiphany: Exceptional Cookies, Cakes, and Confections for Everyone by Francois Payard with Anne E. McBride $25.20 CAD on


Ms. Humble’s Game Controller Cookies

game controller cookies by ms humble

game controller cookies by ms humble

In light of the popularity of Super Mario’s cupcakes, I see that many of you play video games at home. This is why I think you will enjoy the Wii remote and the PS3 and Xbox controller cookies made by Ms. Humble of Not So Humble Pie.

She cut and shaped the cookies by hand. This is not for beginners. Knowledge of sugar cookie and icing is a must to realize those cookies. You need to plan ahead since the flooding takes several hours to dry.

+ photos: Not So Humble Pie


Cocoon Keeps in Style your Fresh Herbs and Fruits

Mans Salomonsen Cocoon includes a fruit storage and herbs planters

Mans Salomonsen Cocoon includes a fruit storage and herbs planters

I love cleverly made 2 in 1 design products. I could not pass this one. Måns Salomonsen designed a brilliant one with Cocoon. Made of clay, it is a herb planter that cools down the shell the fruit bowl as the water evaporates. Did I mention that it is beautiful!

Mans Salomonsen Cocoon fruit storage and herb grower made with clay

Sadly, the Web site of this Swedish designer lacks information on the product. There is no way to know if this is only a prototype, or if there is a way to buy it. Many design bloggers introduced Cocoon last week but no one mentioned if or where we can buy it.

I wish to thank publicly my friend Corinne who tipped me about this awesome space saver kitchen accessories.

+ Måns Salomonsen – photography by Martin Gustavsson


Yellow and Grey Elephant First Birthday Theme

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

Yellow and grey is a nice color combination for any party. It is sophisticated while the yellow carries plenty of festive vibes. Plus, if you plan a baby shower, the advantage of a grey and yellow palette is that it is gender neutral.

Sara of Party Perfect had the design sense to add a ball of wool. It adds coziest to the theme. Plus, I am always on the looking out for ways to hang things from the furniture or the ceiling when I have a party at home. After all, we do not wish to leave a permanent mark.

You can find more inspirations for sophisticated elephant party decorations here.

+ photo: Party Perfect


Adorable Train, Fire Truck and Car Cupcakes

transport themes :: train, fire trick, bus and car cupcakes by fera rosalina

transport themes :: train, fire trick, bus and car cupcakes by fera rosalina

Cake maker Fera Rosalina made these awesome cupcakes for two kids parties. Fera also designed cute labels. A coordinated fire truck birthday cake was the inspiration for the car and fire truck cupcakes.

Trains and cars are easy birthday party themes that everyone loves.  Parents appreciate that they can find lots of affordable playful items to decorate and entertain the kids. Plus, it is not hard to plan activities around those two themes.

+ Fera Rosalina’s Fire truck, bus and car theme cakes
+ photo: Thomas cupcakes – the train
+ photo: Fire truck cupcake


Stephanie Marin’s Tree Party Dish

smarin tree party dish with marshmallows

smarin tree party dish with marshmallows

If you are looking for a Wow factor at a party, this is it! This is a brilliant idea from the French designer Stephanie Marin. It is available in three formats. You can display a bush or gather a few to form a tiny forest. Made with beech, the taller party dish is strong enough to hold an apple.

tree party dish designed by stephanie marin

+ Smarin Mangier – Arbre à manger 75,00 € for the small party dish
+ images: Stephanie Marin


Make Your Own Blini Bar

blini bar styled by Sunday Suppers

blini bar styled by Sunday Suppers

I keep on my fridge a pack of mini blinis. These Russian mini crepes come handy whenever I host an impromptu cocktail.

Sunday Suppers talked about the blini bar. Their concept is even simpler since they suggest that your guests make their own canapés. You can even add a friendly competition on whom made the best canapé. If you keep a jar of caviar on your pantry, you need 15 minutes to go at the grocery to grab the fresh ingredients. Then, add a few more minutes to style your blini bar and your drink bar. Voilà!

more easy blini canape recipes

Get inspired by these classic recipes:

Providing one or two options to your guests is enough. You can serve it with Champagne, a glass of cold Vodka or white wine.

photo credits:
+  Sunday Suppers
+ Marie-Claire UK
+ Food Network Canada