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February 2010


    The 7th edition of Nuit Blanche in Montreal

    having fun with the exhibits at nuit blanche 2010

    having fun with the exhibits at nuit blanche 2010

    At this time of the year, Montreal hosts one big cultural night all across the city. Yesterday night event was as popular as ever. The event closed between 2 and 3 am. Last year, I walked for hours the underground exhibit with a few friends.

    nuit blanche 2010 overall view of place des festivals

    This year, we had other plans during the evening. Since it finished late, we stopped at the art gallery of our friend Bettina Forget to see her Change vs. Forever exhibit. Then, we walked to the Place des Festivals. The place was transformed so that people can dance, create, imagine and immerse themselves in a visual and auditory experience.

    nuit blanche 2010 :: acting a scene from the prisoner

    My husband and I had fun playing with the exhibits. My husband did his version of scenes from the Prisoner TV series. The sphere garden was gorgeous. It changed colors.

    interactive image table at nuit blanche in montreal

    There were a series of interactive exhibits that we did not try. On one installation, you change the image by moving your hands. There was also a drawing screen on a building facade. People had fun doing it.

    drawing screen at nuit blanche in montreal

    Finally, lights were displayed all over the surrounding buildings.

    multimedia art and lights on buildings at nuit blanche