COOKBOOKS, FOOD + DRINK | January 3, 2010

Food Network and HGTV is off the air of Cablevision

cablevision stopped airing hgtv and food network

If I was living in New York City, Long Island and the Tri-State Region, I would be an angry customer of Cablevision right now. I would not have access to my favorite TV channels since January 1st, 2010. The Canadian version of these networks are what I watched the most on TV.

The cable operator failed to negotiate acceptable rates for programming distribution rights. I read on that Food Network and HGTV combined receive less than 25 cents per subscriber. It is way too low. I understand that they want an increase.

You can demand that Food Network and HGTV be put back on the air of Cablevision by calling 866-695-BEST. It is worth a try!

+ Cablevision’s announcement

One Response to “Food Network and HGTV is off the air of Cablevision”

  1. 1 judy geiger said:

    Why do networks drop shows that people enjoy and can learn something on, and keep shows that are just smut.