ENTERTAINING, HOLIDAY decorations | December 9, 2009

Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments for a Pink Tree Theme

pink sewn bird ornament by The Purl Bee

I like the idea of a hot pink Christmas tree. Since I want our tree to reflect my taste and the taste of my husband, I went for a modern cottage vibe this year. One thing that I have in common with The Purl Bee is that the inspiration point for my design was handmade ornaments. In our case, they were an owl, a deer and a bird.

If you wish to sew your own bird ornaments, in any color of your choice, get the pattern and step by step instructions here.

photos: The Purl Bee

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2 Responses to “Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments for a Pink Tree Theme”

  1. Very sweet. My little girl would love this.

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