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Albero Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock

albero cucuruku cuckoo clock by progetti

My parents had a cute Swiss cuckoo clock. I was fascinated by the magic of the striking. I still find it charming but I prefer the style of a modern clock. Designed by Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi for Progetti, Cucuruku is an Italian design with a German mechanism. You can choice between a wenge colored wood and white tree design or a black colored wood with an orange tree.

The cuckoo clocks are more intelligent. A sensor light keeps it quiet at night. Waterfalls play in the background while striking. Naturally, the striking can be turned off, if you get tired of it.

+ Albero – Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock $350 USD
+ photo: the new Twitter’s new headquarters via TechCrunch and Design Milk

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One Response to “Albero Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock”

  1. That clock is so much fun! I think I need to consider getting one for 2010. Thanks for sharing!