LIVING, TRAVEL | October 29, 2009

Opera: the chic return of the folding camper

opera folding camper :: next step of glamping

I am curious about this upscale folding camper that comes with luxury beds and an enclosed teak veranda. I perceived it as an extension of the glam camping (also known as glamping) trend that grows over the last couple of years. But Opera has the advantage of delivering comfortable camping wherever you wish to camp. It is called Opera because the Sydney Opera House was the design inspiration.

Opera is scheduled to launch this December. I will be looking for more details. For now, you can watch a promotional slideshow on Your Suite in Nature.

+ photo: Your Suite in Nature

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2 Responses to “Opera: the chic return of the folding camper”

  1. Oh my .. this is sweet.

  2. That is absolutely lovely. As much an art piece as a functioning residence. Nice find.