HOME + GARDEN, KITCHEN design | October 21, 2009

Love the Grey/Gray Abstrakt Kitchens at Ikea

akurum kitchen with high-gloss grey abstrakt by ikea

This is me! High gloss grey is a new addition in the IKEA 2010 Kitchen catalog. I like it a lot. Grey is easy to live with. It makes a wonderful backdrop on which it is easy to enliven your space with a punch color. This kitchen feels urban yet classic.

+ Grey Abstrakt Kitchen Doors and Drawer Covers

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4 Responses to “Love the Grey/Gray Abstrakt Kitchens at Ikea”

  1. One more thing in common Kim! :) This is the kitchen doors I picked. I will be mixing it with some wood, and a turquoise black splash with white quartz counters. What do you think?

  2. I forgot to say that my floors would be wood as well.

  3. Line, what kind of wood are you thinking of?

  4. Dark chocolate brown wood.