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How to Create an Amy Atlas-inspired Candy Shop Table

candy shop dessert table

Amy Atlas has made a name for herself in a niche market. She specializes in dessert and candy tables. I am not alone to love her sense of style. With Halloween in 6 weeks, it is good to review what you need to set up  an awesome candy table.

candy store table by amy atlas

Therefore, I read Amy Atlas’ interviews and examine her marvelous portfolio to sum up how you can try to design your own sweets buffet at home.

  • Start with a theme
  • Put attention to the table linens and service ware. They should be beautiful and coordinated to get a refined look
  • Vary the heights of trays, stands, bowls, jars and footed plates. Design cute tags for every vessel.
  • Repeat elements to create a sense of collection.
  • Add festive decorative elements to enhance your table. Your goal is to impress.
  • Create a backdrop to your buffet table.
  • Survey the bakers and candy purveyors on your area. Make sure to taste everything; it has to be delicious not just pretty.
  • Order desserts or candies based on what you want the table to look like instead of limiting the quantities to the number of guests. Plan for refilling, when applicable.
  • Provide goody bags for your guests to take home desserts or candies. The goody bags can be a container that fit with your party theme.

How much candy you need?

halloween sweets table by amy atlas

You need an abundant choice to create an impact. Get 8 to 10 candy varieties. You need a least 8 ounces of candy per guest. To give you an idea, 6 ounces fill a small gift bag. Better to add more and round up because people will take some home.

I read on Martha Stewart that you need 8 pounds of jelly beans to fill a 1-gallon bowl. The same 1-gallon bowl will hold 5 pounds and a half of malted-milk balls or 3 pounds of wrapped taffy. Estimate that three quarter of your guests will take individual wrapped candies like pinwheel lollipops.

One practice that is not common is to host a sweet party later at night. Now that you have some guidelines, think about it.

+ Amy Atlas

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5 Responses to “How to Create an Amy Atlas-inspired Candy Shop Table”

  1. I love Amy Atlas! Great guidelines, thanks so much..I am working on an ocean themed candy buffet, there are so many choices, you have to stay focused.

  2. Great job culling key points from Amy’s work – her tables are always stunning and never fail to bring a smile to my face. It is wonderful that the individual elements need not be terribly expensive, as it is how they look together that makes them seem truly special.

  3. Chaque fois que ma grande a vu une étoile filante, elle n’avait qu’un seul et même souhait: “je veux des bonbons!” Je crois bien que je vais lui montrer ces photos, en lui disant que c’est ce qui arrive quand on voit une pluie d’étoiles filantes! 😉

  4. Martine, c’est cute. Ta fille va en rêver.

  5. Thanks Kim for the blog love!

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  6. Thanks @KimValle for the blog love!

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  7. LOVE this candy shop table!

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  8. Hi Kim,

    Great work! I just love all the Amy Atlas work, unfortunately she is based in the US and I’m based in Europe. From now on I will follow your blog closely.

    Have a lovely day!

    Lise M.