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Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas

pumpkin carving ideas on martha stewart

I recalled how many of you looked for pumpkin-carving ideas last year. Do not worry, I will bring you more inspirations until Halloween starting with these wonderful pumpkins that I found on Martha Stewart. The key is to decide on a theme. You get an extra WOW when you create a vignette.

One thing that Martha taught us is to not simply rely on pumpkins. Gourds and squashes fit the occasion as well. One detail is to carve the gourds and pumpkins from the bottom. This way it keeps the stems intact. Mixing sizes and forms is another design lesson when you are planning your vignette.


pumpkin carving ideas and spider squash on martha stewart

The Arise for the Dead pumpkin was carved by a reader of Martha. Jacquie W. used photos of New England headstones as templates. You can shape animals (see top collage) by cleverly assembling several pumpkins together. Or roll lino ink over the silhouette to add a sophisticated touch to your carved pumpkins.

The headless horseman and the skeleton rider pumpkins were created by a master carver named Tomas Gonzales. Tomas is an artist.

+ Pumpkin Alligator and Snail
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+ Pumpkin Raccoon Bandit
+ Spooky Silhouette Designs
+ Spider Squash

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  1. Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas | At Home with Kim Vallee: I recalled that many of you where looking for pumpkin.. http://bit.ly/9z7PK

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  2. Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas | At Home with Kim Vallee http://ow.ly/rbcZ

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  4. Oh wow! These pumpkins look soooo amazing! I will definitely dig out my Dremel and carve one this year! Thanks for the ideas!