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Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme

super mario first birthday party theme :: cupcake towers and favor tables

No need to get fancy fondant cupcakes to make a lasting impression. You can go a long way with figures, stamps and creativity.

How This Mom Did It

Look at the impressive party realized by swishersweets80. I applauded that this mother got her supplies from several stores. Therefore, the result is not too matching. She nicely decorated the cupcake stands simply using red, blue and green gift wraps. Her stands could be used for a circus theme. They become Mario stands when she added the accessories. Video games, especially the ones from Japan,  are great because you can find a whole range of branded items that you can use as party decorations.

For favors, you can find soda drinks, candy boxes and figures at video games stores. Her favor bar included Rainbow Colored Barber Poles, Mario Bros. Band-Aids found at Urban Outfitters, Red and Green Caps and Fake Mustaches purchased at, Coin boxes filled with Chocolate Coins and Gum Coins, and Mario Themed Mini-Stamps found at

super mario first birthday party theme :: super mario figurines, party decorations, cupcakes


You can play Mario games on the Wii. I suggest Mario Kart Wii with a Wii wheel or WarioWare: Smooth Moves which is a bunch of mini-games. You can play Mario Kart with the standard Wii controllers. A Wii wheel cost about $10. For an extra $30, everyone can drive with its own Wii wheel controller. Or you can ask a few friends to bring their Nintendo DS so you can host a tournament of Mario Kart.

This theme is not just for children. I know that my husband would like it for his birthday party. Remember the old arcade theme I did for him last year.

+ Super Mario Coin Boxes $44.99 USD for a box fo 12 at [affiliate link]
+ photos by swishersweets80 on Flickr – rights reserved
+ learn how to make your own cupcake stands

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28 Responses to “Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme”

  1. Another mother impressed me with the 1st birthday theme she did. It’s an adorable Super Mario First Birthday party

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  2. Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme – Je prends des notes pour plus tard… Cuuuute ! Via le blogue de @KimVallee

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  4. I’m sending this link to my sister-in-law! My small nieces celebrate their birthdays in September; I’m sure she could use some of these tips. The trick is finding a theme that appeals to an eight-year-old and a four-year-old too, but mabye she’ll do separate celebrations, even if their birthdays are only 11 days apart on the calendar…

  5. Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme via @AddToAny

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  6. Very creative! In 1993-94 my son was hooked to Super Mario World. I could have used this idea back then.

  7. Hi,

    I’m so excited to see this featured on your website. I had so much fun putting together this party. I think the adults were wowed by it more than the kids, but it was still a blast to do. For my son’s 2nd birthday, I’m already planning on putting together a party theme around The Legend of Zelda.

    Thanks again for featuring my party!

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  9. This is fantastic! I love all the colour, it just really pops. Well done Danielle!

    This is *one* of the reasons I can’t wait to have kidlets, it’s a really good excuse to have awesome, fun, colourful parties =)

  10. I’m doing a Super Mario Bros party for my son and would love to know if the coin boxes were made or store bought. Thanks!

  11. The coin candy boxes were store-bought.

  12. This party is adorable!!! I am planning a Mario party for my sons’s 5th birthday and was wondering if you know where she got the cup cake toppers and the banner.
    Thanks so much!

  13. Jennifer: I think that we made the banner. You can buy one and customize it. She reused the same red, blue and green gift wraps that she used for the cupcake towers.

    She bought the Mario figure and other figurines at Or you can look at a local specialized video games store or figures shops. Super Mario bros items are easy to find.

  14. Jennifer: She made the cupcake toppers. She reduced to scale pictures of the characters that she found online. Print them on a white cardboard and use a circular punch to cut them. Circular punches are available in the scrapbooking section of art supplies store. Martha Stewart made one.

    She mounted the pics onto a colored card stock that I punched out too using puffy sticky dots. Look at Pop Dots, or something like that, to simulate a 3D effect. A glue, like Alene’s Tacky Glue, works well to mount the circles to popsicle sticks.

  15. Hello! I must say this is an inspiration! We are planning a Wii Mario Kart party for my son’s 7th birthday, and I was so glad that you shared this. Thank you. I was trying to find the hard rock candy sticks like the ones featured here, do you remember where you purchased them?

    Thank you again!

  16. 16 Eileen said:

    Where did you purchase the ? boxes? I heard you can make them but I have not found a printable pattern. I am definitely going to do the cupcake towe. Love the bandaids but that may be too pricy for me. Also, what are the favors with the mario kart on top? You are quite the craft mama!!

  17. You did a fabulous job. What is the favor with the mario cart on the top? Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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  19. 19 GRETTEL said:

    Hi, well I love the Super Mario theme, my baby is 6 months only now, I started browsing for my friends , her daughter is turning one, and here I am getting caught up I’m planning what theme I want for my son when he turns one.. Lol anyhow I kinda think this Super Mario themes is too grown up for my son, what do u think, may wait when he turns two or older??

  20. Grettel, a first theme for a first birthday is always something that will please the parents since the kid is too young to have an opinion. It’s best to select a theme that refers to early childhood. If you ask me, I would wait until your son gets about 5 years old to do a Super Mario theme.

  21. Another mom at did a similar theme. She included fleece hats for all the kids(which she left directions for on her site) and the invitations were very unique. Your adorable cupcake holders have me convinced that I might hold an “impromptu belated-or-very-early” birthday party for either myself or my younger brother. He is the huge Mario fan, I just think that it’s really cute! Thank you for sharing these great ideas!(I am off to visit your wedding blog as I am having one in the very near future.) Thanks!

  22. Where did she get the rainbow colored barber poles??

  23. Vicky: As it is mentioned in the post, the Rainbow Colored Barber Poles were found at Urban Outfitters. But keep it mind that it was more than 1 year ago.

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  25. 25 Ludy said:

    Where did she get the coin boxes pls let me know, tnx.

  26. Ludy: She bought the Super Mario coin boxes at Amazon. Here is a link to buy a box of 12

  27. It weird how you only see Mario themed parties and not any Mario Party themed parties. I would love to see pictures of an awesome Mario Party themed party.

  28. 28 narsis said:

    hi…I love your website.