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Numbers, Single Letter and Alphabet Art Prints by Binth

numbers art print and alphabet art print by binth

You may be familiar with the letters and alphabet prints by Binth. They have been around since 2007, I think. What I did know what that you can go for single letter print instead of the entire alphabet. It is a cheaper option. Any one of those will look great in a nursery or a kids playroom.

single alphabet prints by binth

By using a deep frame, the single alphabet art print can be placed on a desk or a bookcase instead of hanging it on the wall. You can write a small word with the 5 x5 inch frame boxes.

+ Binth Alphabet Poster $80 unframed, $180 framed
+ Binth Numbers Poster $55 unframed, $90 framed
+ Single Alphabet Framed Print $28 USD

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  1. Numbers, Single Letter and Alphabet Art Prints by Binth on At Home with Kim Vallee

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  2. Aww these are adorable. Very nicely composed.

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

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