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Cones and Trees of Macarons by Dalloyau

dalloyau\'s cones and trees of French macarons

Le Jour de la Bastille, July 14th, calls for a French delicacy. You probably remember the macaron towers of Paulette that I talked last week. It is nice for a birthday. For special occasions that require a more polished look, I suggest these creations by Dalloyau. Since we do not live in France, you must try to find a way to reproduce their concept if you like it.

First, get an assortment of mini-macarons. You simply have to stick the macarons with toothpicks on the appropriate Styrofoam shape to assemble either piece. Make sure that the toothpicks are not visible. Since macarons are light, planting the toothpick half-way should be more than sufficient. With a little practice, you should be able to make your own version. If you do, send me some pictures.

The tree cones make adorable centerpieces or will add a special touch to the candy table at a baptism, a bridal shower or a wedding. The pyramidal shape is more gender neutral. Try to vary the heights for a more dynamic look.

+ Dalloyau

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  1. Cones and Trees of Macarons by Dalloyau to celebrate le Jour de la Bastille

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  2. Will make macarons soon and would love to try different design presentations. :-)

  3. It looks so delicious. I really want to eat one. I tried to lick my screen. But it did not taste the same 😉