COOKBOOKS, FOOD + DRINK | May 30, 2009

Late news: Signing for Laura Calder’s Latest Cookbook

french taste cookbook by Laura Calder

It may be too late but I still want to publish the info, just in case. Laura will do two signings for her latest book French Taste at Appetite for Books on today, May 30, 2009. Sadly, there is no words on the time. Apparently, you need to book your presence. To see if it is still possible for you to show up, call the bookstore at 514.369.2002. I wish they had a simpler system. Check out her datebook for details.

I will review French Taste in a few days.

+ French Taste by Laura Calder $25.17 CAD at

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3 Responses to “Late news: Signing for Laura Calder’s Latest Cookbook”

  1. Kim, I had the chance to interview Laura when she came to Montréal. She LOVES our city.

    You can have a look of our tour of the Atwater Market.éal

  2. Laura seems charming in her real life. it was fun watching her expression as she tasted the food. I am even sadder now that I missed her.

  3. I just love her recipes it brings back memories of the time I live in France
    just down to hearth French cooking. and I love her dreses I love to know were she buys them real feminine