CAKES + desserts, ENTERTAINING | April 6, 2009

Yellow Easter Desserts from Martha Stewart

I selected those three desserts because I feel they fit with what is in fashion right now. Bright yellow is the hot color this season.

yellow easter desserts from martha stewart

+ It requires a little bit of practice but if you are patient and have a steady hand, you should be able to reproduce the Chrysanthemum Cupcakes to your satisfaction. Coloring your buttercream in several pastel hues adds sophistication.

+ Lime Meringue Tarts look like a white washed sunflower. You could simply do the curb and turned them into tartlets.

+ Bird’s Nest Cookies are thin chocolate cookies with ganache icing dipped into grated coconut. Fashion it to form a nest for two or three miniature chocolate eggs.

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3 Responses to “Yellow Easter Desserts from Martha Stewart”

  1. These are just great and something so different to one usual chocolate eggs, and bunnies. Martha is so creative and she always has such lovely ideas.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading back through your blog – it’s great!
    – bri

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