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Circus Party Theme for a Boy Second Birthday by Caroline Armelle

circus second birthday party decorations

Every kid is fond of the circus. This festive kid party theme never gets old.  For the busy mom, a circus party is ideal since you can easily buy the basic elements.  Make sure to custom the theme. How you assemble everything is a great way to start. With the help of the computer and small craft projects, you will create a unique circus party decor. Concentrate on the buffet table and a few decorations displayed across the room.

Set the Tone with your Invitations

circus party invitations for a boy second birthday

Go wild with the invite and put inside more that a invitation card like did Caroline for the second birthday of her son. Read how she created her amazing circus party invitations on her blog. Make sure to keep one invitation as a keepsake for your kid.

Popcorn bags are easy to find. Having a coupon on all items extend the circus theme as we used to know it. Pinning  a fabric on the wall transform it in a photo booth. You could lay down a make up table with a couple mirrors, wigs, red clown noses, and  clown overalls. Do not forget to supply makeup removal gear. If talents run in the family or in your neighbor households, organize a 10 to 15 minutes circus inspired performance.

Caroline Armelle’s party was certainly well-executed. Click here for the full story on the circus kid birthday party for a little boy.

+ Images from Armelle – how to craft the circus party invitations
+ Via Design Mom

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11 Responses to “Circus Party Theme for a Boy Second Birthday by Caroline Armelle”

  1. I love this! Absolutely adorable! fun and fantastic idea!

  2. thanks for the shout out!

    i’m glad you liked the party!

    i discovered your blog about a month ago and i’m a fan… so, i’m excited you featured my little guy’s party!

  3. This is such a cute theme. I have seen circus parties in the past, this one is really nice. Not too “over-the-top” (pun intended) just enough jazz for a 2 yr old. I also love the idea of giving circus animal cookies as favors for this theme!

  4. Hi there! Love this party idea! Can’t wait to use it for my little guy for his b-day next year. I’d love to know how you create your photo collages. Is it a software or a website you use?

  5. Amy: I use Photoshop to do my photo collage.

  6. I have been wanting to do this ‘Circus Theme’ ever since my 2nd son was born. I didn’t want it to come across as over done or tacky…and you hit it right on the nose. The invites are super and the labeled lemonade is too cute! I have less than a month to pull it off…wish me luck! thanks for the great ideas!!

  7. April: I am glad that you like it. Have fun preparing your son birthday party.

  8. Love the ideas! Where did you get the “Gifts for Guests” bags?

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  11. I love this theme, my favorite are the clown noses, very cute!