BABY showers, ENTERTAINING | April 20, 2009

Buffet Table Settings for a Tea Party Baby Shower

tea station at a tea party baby shower

I went to a cute and fun baby shower Saturday. The organizer, Nathalie designed a tea party event because the mom-to-be is a tea connoisseur. Everyone participated by bringing food. She split the food into the salty table and the sweet table. It was beautifully done. The baby shower was a success.

tea party sweet table

Nat stocked her tea station very well. She displayed everything so we can quickly and easily serve several teas at a time. She put 5 teapots on the table, filled her retro thermos with hot water and had an assortment of teas. She put more tea leaves on her side buffet.

Her sweet buffet table looked festive. The cheerful look came from the colorful tableware and tins. Silk flowers complete her setting. Each time I go to Nat’s place, I envy her rustic table island on her kitchen; it is so gorgeous.

salt dish table at the tea party

An inexpensive single-blade hand mandolin slicer was used to evenly cut the cucumber slices for the tea sandwiches. Hers cut really thin slices. Mine does not. I own the V-slicer by Zyliss. It works fabulously well but there are times where I wish to get a smaller one.

If you have a baby shower coming soon, I recommend the tea party formula.

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9 Responses to “Buffet Table Settings for a Tea Party Baby Shower”

  1. Yummy and well appointed table, great photos and post:)

  2. Beautiful! Who would not love tea time at any of those settings. I love the second photo with the molded sugar and silver spoons…

  3. Beautiful! I love tea parties. Now I’m hungry.

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  5. This is great! I love that nothing really matches– gives the party an “alice in wonderland” type of feel. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. 6 At Home with Kim Vallee (@KimVallee) said:

    Jess: I am glad that you mentioned it. It works because they were many items on the table. She gathered the element of each set or things that are similar to create a cohesive feeling.

  7. I love seeing party planners who are not afraid of bold & brilliant colors from around the color wheel…it sets the tone for a cheerful environment! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Janel: Looking at your blog, I saw that you enjoy well-coordinated color palettes.

  9. I am happy with the results of that Tea Party. It was great organizing it.
    Jess: I too like to mix and match things. It’s more fun that way. :-)))