A Bold Orange Theme for Eating on the Patio

orange tableware and lantern for eating on the patio

I am impatient about the return of the warmer weather when we can eat outside. The spring and summer collection are arriving in store.

I read on MoCo Loco that IKEA will carry amazing outside lighting fixtures, either solar or fit for a rechargeable battery, this summer. My favorite are the battery-operated mushroom shaped SOLIG lantern. They use a LED bulb.

Make a couple Japanese kusudama balls for your party décor. An elegant way to recycle old maps or fashion magazines. These were make by the girls behind Folding Trees, the collaborative blog of two women living miles away. There is Eve living in New Zealand and June who lives in Canada. You can plan an activity of origami with your girlfriends.

Revisiting Orla Kiely at Target

The Orla Kiely melamine collection at Target does not need more introduction. I will call my mother who lives in Florida during winter to bring me back several pieces. I gave up melamine years ago but I cannot resist the vibrant orange flower collection.

Orla kielyat mugs and tiered tray at target

I also wish for the Orla Kiely Mugs (which is currently unavailable online). I am leaning towards the Sky Abacus Flower and the Green Multi-Flowers Mugs. I also want the green Melamine 2-Tier Tray for BBQ entertaining.

March 16th, 2009 Update: Target discontinued this Orla Kiely line. No more new items.

+ mushroom shaped SOLIG lantern $2.99, same prices in Canada and the United States
+ Kusudama Ball Tutorial part 1 and part 2 by Folding Trees

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4 Responses to “A Bold Orange Theme for Eating on the Patio”

  1. I love it! I can’t wait till it’s warm enough to sit outside. I’ll probably pick up a couple of those mushroom lamps. Also, you’ve inspired me to have an origami afternoon with my girlfriends :-)

  2. 3 At Home with Kim Vallee said:

    Janina: I am glad that you were able to post your comment. Origami is a beautiful craft. Send me pictures of the group’s masterpieces.

  3. Hi Kim!!

    I’m headed to Target later today and I will look for these. I too am impatient for warmer weather and patio dining!!

    Have a great weekend!!