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Friday’s Quick Links 2009.02.27

modernist temple NYC apartment

+ The Modernist Temple New York apartment of this Indian affluent couple with kids is striking. Ms. Luthra’s grandfather was an engineer who helped build Chandigarh, a planned city in northern India partially designed by Le Corbusier in the 1950s. I love their space. You can admire the details of the apartment on the New York Times.

daisy cut mason jar lids

+ The pewter Daisy Cut Lids embellish the Mason jars. The center hole is big enough to insert a straw. It is adorable for a girl birthday party, a family barbecue or a garden bridal shower. About 31 cents each lid at Candle Soylutions. Via Hostess with the Mostess and

Market Kitchen at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

+ Torontonians can learn how to cook in a sleek modern kitchen filled with Miele appliances. The Market Kitchen is located at the St. Lawrence Market. The place is only 3 months old. You will be glad to know that the cooking classes are more affordable than at similar venues. The space is available for events. Via Food for Thought


Entertaining Ideas for My Thursday’s Quick Links 2009.02.26

taverne crescent pay as you want promotion :: must have bar tools

+ Taverne Crescent, a Montreal eatery invites patrons to ‘pay what they want’. There is no catch, no minimum to pay or drink to buy. The restaurant co-owner said that he wants to bring joy in this difficult time. Taverne Crescent is open weekdays during lunch hour. Via CTV Montreal

+ Style Me Pretty announced the start of the DIY: The Perfect Wedding Favor contest. The winning entry will receive $500, with three runners-up receiving $100 each. Hurry up since all entries must be received by midnight on Sunday, March 15th 2009 via email.

DIY lunch bag and letterpress menu card

+ Get inspired by Kathleen of Twig and Thistle. She demonstrated how to make these charming DIY Lunch Bag Favors. They are totally awesome.

+ Talking about Style ME Pretty, this superb paper menu announces the color of a stunning wedding. With the wedding season approaching, many of you will want to see the wedding pictures on Style Me Pretty.

+ No more second guess on party bites and drink for your next cocktail party with the food and beverage calculator by Real Simple. I will write a more detailed guide on that subject next week. In the meantime, check my must-have bar tools to make sure you have everything on hand.


Hand Embroidered Art for the Dressing Room

wall art for your dressing room :: guest bedroom

These drawing may be literal but I enjoy their treatment. Identify the Mr. and the Mrs. closets by hanging the art pieces on the doors. Or put them over each bedside table. They will infuse a welcoming cozier mood in a guest bedroom.

Samskiart made a wire coat hanger to complete the look. The Red Hair Black Comb would be perfect next to the makeup table. I love the luxury feeling of a makeup desk. I got my first makeup desk when I was at university and it followed me all my adult life except when we moved in our current home. There was no suitable place to put it. I miss it.

These embroidered wall plaques are from two artist sellers on etsy. They do not use the same techniques, which convey an even more artisanal vibe to the wall pieces.

+ Mustache Necklace wall art by neawear $45 USD
+ Red Hair Black Comb Hand Embroidered Wall Plaque by Samskiart $40 USD
+ Lipstick Traces Wooden Framed Hand Embroidered Valentine Wall Hanging by Samskiart $45 USD


Best of IDS09 from the eyes of Ready2Spark

best of ids 2009 - video by Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark

best of ids 2009 - video by Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark

I spoke last weekend at my PodCamp Toronto session about the lack of videos in the women design blog. Tonight, I noticed that my friend Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark did her first video blog while attending the Toronto Interior Design Show.

We met at the show and sit together at the Design Blogger Panels with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, Harry Wakefield of MoCo Loco and Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.

Her video is great! I am to warm you Lara, I will borrow some of your video techniques. You will see that Lara was also impressed by Luminoso, that I introduced two posts ago. You will probably grasp a better understanding of this innovative product by watching the video.

+ Via Ready2Spark


HemDing and ChipChopSliceServe by Thorsten Van Elten

HemDing and ChipChopSliceServe :: thorsten van elten tabletop

If you are looking for serving ware with a fun attitude, look no further than Thorsten Van Elten to deliver the unique edge. These will set the tone of your party.

The new HemDing is a platter/fruit bowl made from a porcelain platter and a solid wood spade handle. It reminds us that our food comes from the farm.

The humor continues with the net and the ping-pong ball packaging of the ChipChopSliceServe. The form of cutting board is perfect to carry the food from the board to the pots and pans. I like to bring that as a hostess gift for a stay at the cottage.

+ HemDing designed by Andreas Fabian new handle £109, vintage handle £125
+ ChipChopSliceServe designed by Michael Marriott £15


Luminoso Let The Light Go Out of the Wood

luminous wood panel by luminoso

I continue my coverage of the Toronto Interior Design Show 2009. Luminoso won my top 3 discoveries of IDS 09. This material is really cool.

Small wood columns are glued side by side with fiber optic (forming dots) in between to form an entire panel. Light can pass through the dots. A silhouette drawing is laser cut on a black paper to reveal the design.

When you wish to update your décor, you simply change the black and white drawing. The main structure of Luminoso can be used over and over. For this reason, they can become a favorite choice for event designers when making a party decor. They can replace printed banners on trade show booths with more panache.

It can be used in home décor, to display a logo or as signage panel. If I am not mistaken, depending on the wood type, the wood panels cost between $40 and $100 for a small sheet.

+ Luminoso


Antique Replica Porcelain Milk Bottle Vases by Alyssa Ettinger


Following the concept of yesterday’s post about vintage style glass milk bottles, I scoured on Etsy these cute porcelain vases from the talented Alyssa Ettinger.

Alyssa likes to fashion her vases with everyday object textures. I showcased her knitwear ceramic vases for Christmas 2007.

Her Milk bottle collection is available as a set or individual vases. She produces them in different bottle sizes. They are dishwasher proof.

She sells them as flower vases but I wish to use them for milk. Alyssa confirmed me be email that all her products are food safe. I am glad that we can use her bottles for drinking liquids. The bottles are dishwasher safe and will show any imperfections, if any, of the antique bottles she used as a mold. I think this fact adds desirable character to her pieces.

These milk bottle vases are only available on etsy. My birthday is in a few months; I will put her Milk bottles on my wish list.

Feb. 26, 2009: I updated my text to reflect the fact that they are food safe.

+ Alissa Ettinger’s Milk Bottle Vases $30 to $100 USD


Wednesday’s Quick Links 2009.02.25


+ What a clever concept! Nicola from Bern imagined a coat hook that transforms as a coat hanger. The multi-hook design solves the problem of not have enough space to properly hang the coats of your guests when you are having a big party. Via MoCo Loco

hillary carruthers garden design  business cards

+ I applaud when people come up with clever (the word of the day) business card idea. Why not recycle this idea for the table numbers or the menu of a garden party? With some embellishments, the concept will transfer well for an English tea party. See more DIY table number ideas. Via Design Crush.

+ Read the Top Ten Kitchen Layout Mistakes on One that I wish to discuss further is the Don’t install a sink in a breakfast bar. Family members often sit at the breakfast bar with their laptops to talk to you. Water and computers do not form a good mix.

+ I do not talk about fashion on AHWKV but I felt under the spells. I spotted the fall/winter 2009 collection of Eley Kishimoto on Wee Bird, a UK blog that I adore. This is the work of a team of designer Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto. I enjoy their playful yet stylish style. Their Spring 2009 is also gorgeously creative.

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Plain Jotter Ceramic Pad by Yoyo Ceramics

plain jotter ceramic pad by yoyo ceramics

I am always looking for new ways to take notes at home on a more ecological way. I reuse pieces of papers for things that I will use only once.

One year ago, I introduced the Ceramic Memo Board by See Jane Work. I still think it is a wonderful product. In fact, it is a lot cheaper than the Plain Jotter. I decide to feature the Plain Jotter to promote further the idea.

The Plain Jotter comes with a special black pencil. They sell a pack of 3 colored pencils (red, blue and yellow) for £4. Simply erase your message with a dry or dawn cloth. For extra clean results, put the ceramic pad on the dishwasher.

Yoyo Ceramics sells their products online and delivers worldwide.

+ Plain Jotter £20 UK, £22 Europe outside UK, £25 for Canada, USA and rest of the World
+ Ceramic Memo Board at See Jane Work $15 USD
+ Via inredningsbloggen


Tartine Bakery and Cafe in San Francisco

tartine bakery and cafe :: bar tartine in san francisco

I am delighted that I discovered earlier today a bakery in San Francisco called Tartine Bakery. I am sure if I told you that San Francisco is my favorite US cities; then, it is New York and the Los Angeles area.

I spot this charming bakery and café while reading the fabulous Black Eiffel blog. It sounds delicious.

Until my next trip to San Francisco, I can try to bake at home their recipes. Acclaimed pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt and master baker Chad Robertson, who is a married couple, published the Tartine coobook in 2006.

tartine cookbook by Elisabeth Prueitt  and Chad Robertson

The couple also co-owns Bar Tartine. It is a restaurant where Chef Jason Fox runs the kitchen. Jason was one of the 8 persons named “Best People of the Year” in the Best of San Francisco 2008 issue by San Francisco Magazine.

Your Own Favorite Places

Whenever I am traveling, I prefer eating at places where locals go. I try to keep a record of the best local restaurants. Having a blog is one way to build my collection but I felt I needed to do more. It was my motivation behind launching Places, the Praized community connected to my blog. I also want to know what are the places are people with whom I have things in common.

Why not do the same by becoming a member to enjoy for FREE the benefits of Places? You would not receive spam emails from AHWKV or Praized. I wish to be able to find the best spots to hang up, know what to order when I eat at a restaurant and shop at the best local stores. Help me by sharing your favorite places.

+ Tartine cookbook by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson $23.10 USD
+ Tartine Bakery and Cafeget directions p 415.487.2600
600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94110
+ Bar Tartineget directions p 415.487.1600
561 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94110
+ Via Black Eiffel


Tuesday’s Quick Links 2009.02.24

+ I wish to welcome a new advertiser on At Home with Kim Vallee, VIA Rail Canada. I took the train to go to Toronto last weekend. The meal and the service we received in first class had pleased us. I recommend the fish. If you can, call in advance to select your meal. I do not know how long you can call before you take the train.

vehicle vases :: bad beaver vase designed by Paige Russell

+ Paige Russell designed cool ceramic vases. She is known for her Bad Beaver vase. The Vehicle Vases nicely decorate boy bedroom and unisex home office. The RV and Camper vases are more versatile as a theme. They are sold at Curiosity Shoppe. Vehicle vases are $95 each. Bad Beaver is $90. Via inredningsbloggen

+ The Kitchen provided two great cooking tips last week. First add steam for the first 5 to 10 minutes that you are cooking bread. Then, use tea balls to flavor soup.

+ Sorry to my Twitter followers for the duplicate but I am including something I talked earlier today. Real Simple tested 14 brands of corn chips to find the best scoop with salsa and guacamole. The winner is the Tostitos Natural Yellow Corn chips. Via Real Simple