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Compact and Functional K Workstation by Miso Soup Design


This beautiful workstation caught my eyes for its impressive space management. Pay attention to how the curved shape of this desk and bookcase is developed. The desk and an integrated bookcase seem to be made of a continuous sheet. I would like to verify my assumption but there is no product description on Miso Soup Design.

This is the work of Miso Soup Design, an ingenious New York- based architecture and furniture design firm know for their quest for innovative use of technology. Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan are the directors of Miso Soup Design.


I imagine well the K workstation in an urban studio and a small condo unit. Sorry but I was not able to find the price (which I evaluate to be in the upscale range) nor if, when and where you can buy the K Workstation. I am still showing you because it is a marvel piece of technology (maybe I should have posted it on my another blog).


5 Responses to “Compact and Functional K Workstation by Miso Soup Design”

  1. 1 Samantha said:

    Wow! I love this workstation! The design is very impressive!

  2. Perfect for my small space and looks awesome! It’s probably a fortune but definitely inspiring

  3. Anyone know the cost? Or where to find one? I’m in Canada.

  4. hey does anyone know the measurements of this fantastic piece of furniture?

  5. Thanks Kim for Miso soup design, love their style, modern and very practical.