FOOD + DRINK, TABLEWARE | January 28, 2009

Aladdin Brings Your Lunch to Work in Style


As people are interested to know what is on their plate to avoid unnecessary additives and eat healthier, it is safe to say that more people may wish to bring their lunch at work.

Here are some cool and practical lunch boxes to bring your lunch. Functionality is key. You wish to preserve your food as fresh as possible.

Aladdin Do Lunch collection is filled with cool lunch boxes and containers. Since a salad tastes better when it is assembled at the last minute; I find it complicated to carry around the different elements. Aladdin Lunch & Go Salad Set includes small containers that fit well inside when you are done eating.

Aladdin Lunch & Go is ideal for a picnic as you can assemble individual servings for every members of the family.

+ Aladdin Lunch and Go Lunchbox $12.99 USD
+ Aladdin Lunch and Go Mini Lunchbox $8.99 USD
+ Aladdin Lunch & Go Salad Set $8.99 USD
+ Via Minor Details


4 Responses to “Aladdin Brings Your Lunch to Work in Style”

  1. Love the style of these and the 0 eco friendly waste factor. great find!

  2. 2 Beverley Brough said:

    I have the Aladdin Lunch&Go Salad Set. Where exactly is the crisper supposed to go and how does it work?

  3. Beverley Brough: It is basically a set of different sizes plastic containers. You store the green leaves in the larger container, leaving some room for later. Use the small ones to pack the condiments and your vinaigrette. You assemble everything in the big container when you are ready to eat. You could do that with your own set of plastic containers. It is just that Aladdin Lunch&Go Salad Set supplies the right sizes. Plus all the small containers fit inside the larger container to bring them back home.

  4. Beverly: The crisper stays at the bottom. You put your green on top of the crisper. The holes help your green leaves staying fresh. You then place the intermediate cover. The condiments that you do not wish to get wet and the vinaigrette container go inside the intermediate cover. You finish with the cover/cutting board. Voilà!