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Natural Swimming Ponds

swimpond's chemical free swimming pond

Jesper Larsson listed the swimming pond as one of his 2009 Design Top 5 trends on MoCo Loco. Still, finding a local expert and vendor in Canada or the United States for these chemical free swimming pools may be hard.

You must be aware that a natural swimming pond requires slightly more maintenance in time than a regular swimming pools. If you are interested by a natural swimming pond, read first those articles: Continue Reading


Imperfection is Hot Again

jesper larsson

jesper larsson

Jesper Larsson said on Moco Loco that 2009 was the year people started to appreciate imperfection again. I think that it started somewhere in 2007-2008 but that the momentum happened in 2009. I based that on the modern rustic style that we see since 2007 or the rebirth of vintage accessories like you get at Three Potato Four. The important thing is that we agree on the principle.

From my viewpoint, the Appreciation for Imperfection movement was triggered by many elements: the 3R of environment (reduce, reuse and recycle), the rise of handmade products that emerged due to a new breed of talented artists (and etsy), and Web 2.0. People reinvented the production standards when they published on You Tube, their blogs and other user generated content sites.

+ via Moco Loco


Watercolor Arts of Caitlin McGauley

new-york based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley

new-york based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley

NYC-based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley likes to collaborate with her clients to create custom art piece. Her clients often give her photos as the starting point. Then, Caitlin will reinterpret it in her own style. I think it is a great way to commemorate an event.

The Daily Candy did a short video interview with Caitlin. She seems to be nice.

+ watercolor: Caitlin McGauley
+ via A Design Affair


Baked Exhibition during Dutch Design Week

baked exhibit during dutch design week

baked exhibit during dutch design week

This is baking as an art form. During the Dutch Design Week in October 2009, one exhibit was an homage to cooking and baking. Baked was inspired by a Sicilian folk event in Salemi, where a flour based material is used to create architectural decorations.

baked exhibit during dutch design week

One element that I like is how the belts allow to customize the vessels with food decoration. The containers and vessels made from ingredients such as flour, coffee, cocoa and spinach, mixed together with salt, shellac and spices to make the objects durable.

+ photos: formafantasma


Stunning Wedding of Jodi and Jon at a Ski Resort

ski resort wedding :: jodi and jon wedding at sundance resort, utah

This ski wedding theme would have been so appropriate for my own wedding. You see, I got interested in my husband after I saw him going down a ski slope. I always found that excellent skiers are sexy. On top of it, he is bright, cute, fun and cultured. The perfect match for me! I had a wonderful wedding.

I am really impressed by the wedding of this outdoorsy couple. Jodi and Jon went for a superb winter wedding celebrations on a ski resort in Sundance, Utah. From the escort cards put on a birch branch to the UGG boots wore by the bride, every detail was carefully selected to bring fun and elegance to this outdoor theme.

The invitation suite was designed by the letterpress design studio Olive-Route. Besides the beautiful dark gray and burnt orange invite, Olivia of Olive-Route designed the off piste details (transportation and lodging), the other events card, and an RSVP postcard. A complimentary ski lift ticket was included in the package. Her design fits so well with the wedding theme.

ski resort snowy wedding details

After the ceremony, the couple put on their skis for a photo shoot on top of the mountain. I love it! The wedding favors kept the guests warm. Male guests were given flasks and female guests were given winter boots.

Jodi and Jon’s Sundance wedding was featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, where you can see more photos that will inspire you.

+ photos: Thayer Allyson Gowdy
+ invitations: Olive-Route


Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

milk and cookies baby shower inspired by cox and cox

Milk and cookies is a classic theme for baby showers. Having a few cool props adds a special touch to the theme. Here are some items I found at Cox and Cox that will enable you to customize the party. I think the hands and feet cookies are adorable.

creme brulee dishes by sophie conran by portmeiron

I suggest you bake flavored creme brulee to bring a grown up touch. Lavender creme brulee is divine and chic. I bought my brulee dishes at Linen Chest.

+ Retro-style Milk Bottle on sale £5.40
+ Hands & Feet Metal Cookie Cutters on sale £12.75
+ Sophie Conran By Portmerion Brulee Dishes on sale £20.70 for pack of 4


Yakkay Brings Fashion to the Bicycle Helmets

fashionable bicycle helmet by yakkay

fashionable bicycle helmet by yakkay

As more and more people use their bike for their every day transportation needs, it is about time that a company provides a cute cycle helmet. Sport gears are designed for guys. They may be built for performance but they fail miserably when it comes to fashion style. Since wearing a cycle helmet became a must for our safety, I settled for the unattractive option. I will not anymore.

Yakkay is a Danish company who mixed style to safety in designing the coolest bicycle helmet ever for the urban boys and girls. They produced a naked helmet shell on which you add a cover. You can buy more cover to complement your outfits. Yakkay proposes an assortment of warm fabrics for cold weather and lighter fabrics for hot weather.

Next spring, I will check their range. I want to look fashionable when I ride my bicycle. You can order the Yakkay helmets and covers from 50cycles, a UK retailer who ships worldwide.

The helmet fully meets the European CE standard (EN 1078), which is more stringent than the CPSP that is commonly used in the USA. I based that on the fact that the snell of the EN 1078 must be validated externally while it is self-regulated by the manufacturers in the United States.

+ Yakkay helmet with cover £90 which is $145 each, extra cover £35 / $57 each
+ photos: Yakkay
+ via: Inhabitat


Dark Chocolate Truffles Recipe by Tartelette

dark chocolate truffles by tartelette

A sure way to impress your guests at the end of a meal is to serve homemade truffles with your mignardises (assortment of small pastries served at the end on a meal). I must confess that I never tried to make my own. Looking at the dark chocolate truffles recipe on Tartelette, it does not seem to hard to make your own. I put it on my to do list for 2010.

Make sure to start with premium chocolate. Better ingredients create the best results.

+ photo: Tartelette


Cutest DIY S’mores Kits

making your own s\'mores kits by daisy chain

Look at the beautiful execution of the holiday bake gifts done by Amber of Daisy Chain. I like her attention to details. She assembled her own s’more kits that fit into a canning jar. The kit  includes the ingredients and twigs for roasting. The biggest task is to design and print nice custom labels. It is a great idea that will please everyone. Who can resist s’mores?

+ photos: Daisy Chain


Merry Christmas!

yule log cake :: three chocolate mousse

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you are having a great time with your family and loved ones. I did! This is the three chocolate mousse yule log that I bought for our Christmas eve party. It was as delicious as it looks.

If the ski condition is great, I will be back on the slopes tomorrow. I am looking forward to ski again. I may publish a few posts during the Holidays.