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Vintage Cute Décor for the Office

whale chalkboard and skeleton key rack :; three potato four

It may be Twitter than inspires me but this whale chalkboard is simply adorable. I would like to put it on my new office. The chalk will sit safe and snug inside the pre-drilled blowhole at the top of the board.

Another cute item is the skeleton key rack. It measures 8 inches in width. Hooks can be handy to hang keys or small notes. This is a brand new item that looks vintage.

Both items are sold at Three Potato Four, a store with cool vintage style stuff.

+ Whale Chalkboard – $40 USD
+ Skeleton Key Rack – $16 USD

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2 Responses to “Vintage Cute Décor for the Office”

  1. Oh my! That whale chalkboard is *so* cute! :) I am loving Three Potato Four, too- what a great store.

  2. Love love LOVE that hanging key! I found adorable office supplies at this site..not sure if you’ve seen them?