ENTERTAINING, TABLETOP | September 14, 2008

Flicker Oil Lamps by Duo Design from Holland

Flicker Oil Lamps by Duo Design from Holland

Founded in 1985 by Emiel Vaessen and Gert Jan Vogel, the design agency Duo  Design produced a unique line of interior products over the years. They introduced Flicker in 2008.

Flicker is a straw-like oil lamp sold in a set of 3 sticks. You deposit the stick inside a normal glass or ceramic vase. Jean of NOTCOT saw them at the Maison et Objet Fall 2008 show in Paris. Jean described them as metal straws with a wick inside which soaks up the oil.

Centerpiece Idea

Instead of the traditional candlestick, be creative with the way you lit your table when you entertain. You could use a brushed metal or a ceramic rectangular flower box that you fill with sand. Insert deeply the Flicker tubes so they feel securely in place. Cover the sand with black or white sesame seeds to finish it up.

I found a US online retailer that is temporary out of stock. Let’s hope they will be getting more Flicker sets pretty soon.

+ Flicker Candlelight by Duo Design at Questo Design €17
+ Flicker Gift Set at 2bd living.com – price: $36 USD

8 Responses to “Flicker Oil Lamps by Duo Design from Holland”

  1. 1 Liz Hanson said:

    Do you know of any U.S. retailer that sells the DuoDesign Flicker Oil Lamp sticks. I have a friend that bought some years ago and would like to order a few more sets. Thank you.

  2. Liz, I am not aware of any North American stores. Your best bet is to contact them directly. If there is none, ask them if they know of a British or European online store who ships internationally. Click here to access their Web site.

  3. 3 Maaike de Wit said:

    After burning the Flicker Oil Lamps I can not light them up again. It seems like the fuse is too short. In the store where I bought the Lamps they told me that I should not do anything with the fuse, so I don’t really know what I can do about this problem. I thought about pushing it up from the bottom, but maybe this is just completely wrong. Can you help me?
    Kind regards, Maaike

  4. 4 Doug Bailey said:


    I have one of the three that is difficult to light – you need to hold a match to it until you see a flicker and a faint blue light and then remove the match and very carefully it will grow in light and strength.

  5. 5 Doug Bailey said:

    Also try turning them over!

  6. 6 Liz Hanson said:

    Did you buy the Flicker sticks in the U.S. recently. Where? Thank you.

  7. Liz: I can’t tell you where to buy them in the USA. The store that I referred to in 208 seems to have closed their doors.

  8. 8 gert vogel said:

    There is an store in the US that will ship these lights.